Kanye West Muses on Abortions, Gold Diggin'

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To borrow a favorite Modern Family quote, you can't say "he went there" when he goes there all the time. But this Tweet from Kanye West exceeds even his impeccably high standards of randomness and absurdity.

The rapper sent a controversial Tweet Wednesday implying (not subtly) that there are women out there who intentionally get pregnant so they can cash in when a rich fella bribes them to get an abortion and/or with child support.

"It ain't happen to me but I know people," he says.

Here's the potentially NSFW Tweet in question:

Kanye Tweet (Abortion Style)

Personally, i don't care what this no talent over paid foul mouth hack has to say. just keep drinking your expensive juice and shut THE HELL UP!!!! oh and, charlie sheen and his buddy alex jones are nutjobs.


Maybe 'ballin niggas' should stop depositing their sperm into 'golddiggin bitches'


what he says is true. my cousin is 26 years old has 5 kids and doesnt take care of them children. she talks to all them niggas out here with money. people who rap and shit and she gets pregant she should have stopped when they told her she couldnt pass them kids. but she likes the food stamps and she likes the income tax checks. and did i forget to mention child support. she goes to the clubs every weekened thursday-sat. while shes prego she dinks pops pill and who knows what!


I totally agree with him. I'm a woman, and I refuse to carry or abort a baby for money. Some women are after money, not all women. I believe real women will make it themselves and not trick any man. To have or abort a child for money? How f*cked up is that


This Dude is a kind of crazy!

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