Joshua Bowman and Miley Cyrus: "Definitely an Item" on Set, Source Says

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New reports indicate that Miley Cyrus recently got her fifth tattoo, a dream catcher inked on her torso that represents her siblings.

But that's not all that's new in Miley's life, according to an E! News report. A witness that hung around Cyrus during filming of the movie So Undercover reveals that the actress and co-star Joshua Bowman were "definitely an item" while shooting.

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The two had fun on set, but "who knows what will happen now that she's back in L.A.?" the insider asks, making it clear this may have just been a fling.

So, who is Joshua Bowman? He's a British actor that once dated Amy Winehouse (yech!), as the pair were snapped together in St. Lucia in 2009.

The 22-year old spent a year studying the Strasberg Method in New York City years ago, prior to returning to Great Britain to continue his career. This movie will mark his first big screen roles in the States.

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To Nisse it is not natural to mess around with so many guys before your even grown, those girls are usually called sluts!!


Can Miley work on a movie with a guy & not date him????


Whoop dee fuckin' dooo!


i think now that shes old enough to do whatever she wants we cant really judge. yeah shes going alil overboard with the tatoos but im sure shell know when its to much. she is beautiful without any of that ink on her. as for her relationships. shes young maybe just fooling around and thats natural.y settle down so fast. its a part of growing up


wow, hope she doesn't grow up to be another Lindsey. Tats and all. Too bad she's doing all that to her body @ such a young age. Can't wait to see what those look like when she's 70yrs old. Ack! Hahahahahaha


I dnt knw were to start i know miley is tryin to settle down and change her life and i am happy for her i hope u guys hook up forever not juz for media.


Joshua did NOT date Amy Winehouse


It's her 4th. Not 5th.