Halle Berry Wins First Round of Custody Battle

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Halle Berry 1, Gabriel Aubry 0.

So reads the custody scoreboard between this former couple, after a judge ruled in the actress' favor today and said she could take daughter Nahla to New York for a movie shoot.

Sources confirm to TMZ that these two started to fight over their child when Aubry attempted to block Berry from taking the two-year with her across the country to film New Year's Eve.

Halle and Nahla

With the Oscar winner in attendance, a Los Angeles judge gave her the green light bring Nahla along for the duration of her time on set.

"We are pleased the judge took the time to deal with this very imminent and important issue," Berry's attorney, Neal Hersh, said. "The judge read a great deal of paperwork and gave us time to argue."

Man. All this over the sequel to Valentine's Day?!? Perhaps if Berry and Aubry watched that atrocious romantic comedy, the entire hullabaloo could have been avoided.


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People should not comment or take sides unless they know the whole story. You are only hearing bits and pieces and don't know what is true, It would be wise to MYOB. To call someone you don't know crazy base on hear say shows how shallow you are.


I refuse to even support anything she is in anymore. She is showing herself to be a diva and a racist. It still irks me that she wants to identify her child as being just black. I'm neither black or white, just to clear it up, I don't want people thinking I'M racist (I'm indian and french hailing from Trinidad). Something like that her daughter should be able to choose herself, and not only that, why shouldn't she be allowed to embrace her "white" side? We are supposed to be such a progressive society. Smh.


team aubry all the way!


well that's one stupid judge then. halle's a crazy idiot

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