Britney Spears: Pretty Much Loaded

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Britney Spears has done well for herself in the last few years.

The singer's conservatorship and marketing machine have made a killing since December of 2008, when the conservators took over $2,826,362.68.

Exactly one year later, Britney's assets controlled by the conservators swelled to $27,500,000, thanks largely to Britney's wildly successful Circus Tour.

It's good to be Britney Spears. Especially on medication.

The figures are deceiving in that conservators only control a portion of Britney's total estate - namely her business expenses. She has a lot of money and property in her various trusts and other business entitites the conservators do not control.

Basically, she's even richer than that figure indicates.


my theory is based on a story i am writing. i have not followed the whole spears story, was busy working, but what if she is really using doubles, and it's really only her part of the time. Don't you guys see how shoe appears different in pictures? Sometimes she looks heavy, other times, thin, this is daily. ANyway, it's great visuals for my story. I guess I missed why you think she is crazy. I think she is brilliant, not to mention, wealthy, ...she is under a conservatorship yet she has other trusts etc not in control of the conservatorship. That's brilliant. She's not crazy, probably was faking it, to set up getting out of the celebrity treadmill. The conservatorship probably handles the money paid for the britney look-alikes.


I will always Love Britney Spears, she deserves all that and so much more. Britney is the most beautiful women in the world. No one has a prettier smile!!! NO ONE!!!


Oh please...lady gaga's making more money than her...because she can sing!!!


OMG that's a GIANT amount of money!! We all always know these people are very rich but something about seeing those figures written in black and white is astounding.


Why all the negative weird comments? Good for britney, she is worth way more then 27 million, she makes a killing just on her perfumes alone.i wonder if her figures are close to jessica simpsons.


27 million? 100-120 million would be closer to the truth. She just bought a 19 million dollar home. She reportedly worth over 120 million. She made 25 million last year, and will probably do that again this year. She is EFFING rich people. Her house is 20,000 sqaure feet. Most homes are like 2500 square feet, or 3000.


I hate when people say comeback...where did she go? She IS Britney Spears, always will be Britney Spears, and when Madonna becomes to frail to do a performance Britney Spears will be there! She revolutionized pop music as our generation knows it. KE$HA, Lady Gaga, NO...followers! They wont last as long the garbage bags there dresses are made of!


duh what do u expect shes the princess of pop...even after everything there will still be millions behind her...supporting her all the way...making her comeback possible


I personally feel shes still as bat shit crazy as the day she shaved her head and attacked that car with her umbrella! Lol shes still as crazy just on a short leash. I feel after the breakdown her music got better but is that because her handlers are handling it? I think so....


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