Anne Hathaway and James Franco: In Training!

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Think it's easy to host the Academy Awards?

There's a reason why the show has burned through so many emcees over the last couple decades, with such stalwarts as David Letterman and Jon Stewart failing to meet expectations in the eyes of many.

Is it due to the difficulty of entertaining such a wide swath of A-listers? No. It's due to the intense training required by those in charge of the ceremony, as evidenced by these videos. Just look at what Anne Hathaway and James Franco are going through in preparation for their big day:


i love anne shes my role model she don't let fame get to her


he is SO cute and smart. My dream guy!


I love these commercials...i like the one with the part that annes shirt strap falls down and James screams "wardrove malfunction"and gets a curtain to cover her and tackles her to the ground...LOL!!

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