Tom Lippolis Responds to JWoww-Roger Williams Hookup on Jersey Shore

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Tom Lippolis, JWoww's ex-boyfriend and current legal adversary, was not shocked by footage of her hooking up with someone else on Monday's Jersey Shore.

In the most recent episode, she was still dating Tom at the time, but flirted endlessly with trucker (and now-boyfriend) Roger Williams just the same.

Vinny and Angelina

Lippolis, looking back, says he wasn’t surprised by her behavior.

TLipp and JWoww in happier times.

“It doesn’t surprise me that she was cheating on me, she has a really bad track record and our relationship was the longest she had ever had,” he said.

When JWoww ran into Roger Williams, she was living with Tom, but didn’t act like a relationship was a factor, immediately expressing feelings for him.

Tom Lippolis says his then-girlfriend insisted Roger was only a friend.

“She told me she had run into Roger but she said he was just a friend and that they were only hanging out because Deena was into his friend,” Tom said.

“Everyone told me she was cheating on me," Lippolis notes, "and that Pauly D wasn’t the only person she was with the first season so now I know.”

Tom is now suing JWoww, saying she owes him for managing her career.

Meanwhile, the MTV star has filed legal papers hoping to prevent her ex from selling or making JWoww nude photos he has available to the public.

Roger has not commented, but from what we know, they're still an item.


lmao? that isn't tom and jwoww- that's vinny and angelina


I'm glad Jenni found someone that's great for her. They are a good couple. I'm glad she's not with Tom anymore she deserves the best. <3


Kissing is still cheating! She is a slut they are all sluts.


Now for the Roger part, Jwoww hanged out with Roger because they are old friends & they had a thing before BUT IT DOESNT MEAN THAT SHE CHEATED! cos' she didn't do anything wrong, when in fact she was saying that she's not in to him because she was still with TOM, and plus when she invited Roger at Shore Store she asked roger to bring someone for Snooki to cheer her up. They actually started hanging out and banging each other AFTER SHE BROKE UP WITH TOM!!! And on the finale of season 3, Roger formally asked Jwoww to his GIRLFRIEND.


Cont. Well in fact HE'S THE ONE TO BE SUED! 1st for STEALING valuable items like the watch, 2nd for probably blackmailing jwoww about the nude photos, 3rd for taking jwowws personal documents in the file drawer & the hard drive. MTV aired that episode when Jwoww went home with snooki to get the dogs and in shock when she saw that TOM took the BED and when she checked her stuffs if theres anything else taken thats when the part she realized TOM took her watch, and when they saw the computer she didnt even checked if HOW MUCH DID TOM TOOK in her account via PAYPAL! that prick should be the one SUED! as a Law student, the aired tape of that season is a clear evidence of what TOM did.


1st - In reply to "baby girl"/s comment about JERSEY SHORE BEING SCRIPTED & FAKE, ugh... You're so dumb, seriously how stupid can you be? Do you even watch the show? or have you even been to NJ? The show was really in Seaside Heights New Jersey, YOU DUMBASS! Another thing is, THEY ARE ALL ITALIANS but raised in AMERICA you stupid dumb bitch! People like you who thinks "they know everything" are so stupid! Before you start typing anything about the show make sure youre really right! One more thing, THEY WERE REALLY IN ITALY in their 4th Season, it wasn't a background YOU STUPID MORON! OMG Did you even think befor typing?! STUPID MORON!


Well My Opinion is Tom And Rodger are Fricken Ugly,Besides Pauly D is wayyyyyyyyyyyy More Cuter than These 2 uglies. I mean Can't Jenni and Pauly D just be together already Its like Probably Roger Is Going to Dump her anyways besides Pauly D and Jenni are a very CUTE couple


wow ur all r dumb fuckers,roger and tom were never really with jwoww prob since the whole show is fake and they r not even real italians and the hook ups r fake and scripted as well,u all need to get a fucking life like seriously,the show is not really in nj and they were never really in italy,that is just a back round scenery,the show is a stage !


Jenni and paulyD would make a cute couple because they both look good and jenni has a well-shaped body. . .thank god Tom is out of the picture.


Tom is a majorrrrrrrr loser! ugly and should have been dumped years ago

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