JWoww Nude Photos: Blocked By Court Order!

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Jersey Shore star JWoww has gone to court to block her ex, Tom Lippolis from releasing any nude photographs of her, according to new reports.

The nude photos show JWoww (real name Jenni Farley) both before and after she had breast augmentation (the second time) and liposuction. Yikes.

Wow, J-Woww

JWoww filed an Order To Show Cause in a Long Island court in a bid to stop her former lover and manager from cashing in on any such pics.

Wait ... JWoww had plastic surgery?!

However, Lippolis’ lawyer, Jeffery I. Baum, believes that the MTV siren has no right to block his client doing with the JWoww nude photos as he pleases.

His rationale: They were taken on his cell phone with her consent.

“She is trying to block him from distributing the images and is trying to get the court to compel arbitration in the case," he said, adding he will object.

“In return we have filed to ask the judge to dismiss her order because the images belong to my client and were taken with Miss Farley’s consent."

“We believe they represent no irreparable harm to her and Mr. Lippolis should not be precluded from doing what he wants with them.”

JWoww reportedly fears the release of the images because they show she has had considerable plastic surgery, including liposuction.

She did turn down Playboy and its $400,000 offer last year.

“She is mortified that the photographs might get out there now that she has established herself as a reality star," reports a source.

“The photographs really show how much work she had done and she looks great in the ‘after shots’ after she healed from surgery."

“It is the ‘before shots’ that she is really worried about at this point ... unfortunately her relationship with Tom did not pan-out.”

Lippolis is suing JWoww, claiming that she had stiffed him out of cash after he managed her for two seasons of the hit show.

That case is ongoing. JWoww is now dating Roger Williams.


i am married, and have been for three years. i take naked pics of myself for my husband. its a thing wives or girlfriends do for their man. you never think its going to end. keeps the relationship alive and hopefully never ending. when ending does happen, like tom and her, then the pics are out to ruin her career because of jealousy. yes he has the rights to them, i think it should just belong to no one and burn in the trash. its made to keep the relationship and now jenni is happy he wants that gone by blackmailing her or being mean. that type of usage is wrong. tom get over it, rather you are with someone doesnt matter, burn them. why have any item between you two. if you want to be with this other woman then i vote for you to burn it, be with the new girl and let jenni be with roger and voila everyone is happy. why drag this on with court if there isnt any reason to it. manage?? is that all, ok, its done!! move on and take your new girl and manage her. great advice for everyone.


Tom is now dating a new chick name
Magdalini Kasimis . She's a nurse. They hang out at pasha club a lot.


Well since he took the pictures that gives him copy right to them...look it up.


Seriously.....they are pics of HER body not HIS. It's pretty terrible that she has to actually go to court with him over this! Since when does someone else have legal rights to naked pics of yourself....unless she signed a waiver saying he could do what he wanted with them this is just BS. Come on people....they were dating when he took them and they are private pictures of her. It's sad that as soon as they break up that this douche towelette is already trying to release these private photos of her. What a peice of crap! Leave JWoww alone!


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girl cover up them boobs of urs


Blah blah blah....she's just another Kim Kardashian wanna be....


Well then.. just leak them out dumb-ass!!!


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