THG Asks: Should Kim Kardashian Give Advice on Teen Pregnancy?

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    oh and the sex tape? who cares she probably would've got famous anyway 4 reality tv or dash


    umm yeah at least kim didnt get frigging preggos when she was a teen,sure she is a little slutty but her boobs arent fake.


    Damn! Can a girl have an opinion?? Chill the f*ck out people!! Realist? Ur an idiot. I DON'T IDOLIZE THIS CHICK. But geez every time I see her on here she's getting bashed. Yet she's making top dollar selling her products & from people watching her show. So OBVIOUSLY she's entertaining & likable. Stop researching her if u don't like her... Haterzzzz


    Kim Kardashian a role model are you kidden me, sex icon yes role model no way.I think people who live in plastic houses, oops I mean glass houses shouldn,t throw stones. Kim you can,t throw girls under the bus when you made the same mistakes. I think teen mom is a realistic learning experience because it is a perfect example of the struggles that come with those mistakes. I think the girls on teen mom diserve more props than kim because at least there out there to get a message across, don't have unprotected sex. Thats more commendable than just critisism. Instead of being so judgemental Kim and making a total big butt of yourself, no pun intended, get proactive and help the rest of us living in the real world not some perfect little bubble.


    OK That's hilarious 105!! Who says that we are jealous of Kim cuz we don't have a sex tape??!! All I have to say is TRIPPING!!


    I think Kim should be able to share her opinion about whatever she pleases. What does it matter if she does or doesnt. People are acting like she's a hipocrit but she's not. She doesnt have a child and she currently doesnt have a boyfriend. And about the sex tape, she said herself she didnt mean to let that get out to the public. She only made it with he ex-boyfriend because she was a little drunk and they were bored. It wasnt an intentional "I wanna be a porn star" type thing. It was just something she did in her personal life. Everybody has their own personal life and what they want to do with it is their business. People should stop critisizing her about things from her past. Just because she's done the sex tape doesnt mean she's a terrible role model and shouldnt have an opinion on anything sexual or anything that has to do with the above matter of Teen Prengancy. She has her own opinion and people should let her be for having one.


    This whore really needs to shut her mouth. Your famous becuz ray jays cum landed on your ass and not in your vag. shut the fuck up. you getta paycheck for acting like a whore. im not saying these garbage heap "teen moms" are any better. but jesus. Look who kim is and what shes talking about. The entire situation is massively hypocritical.


    Get over the damn sex tape already!
    The only people who are outraged by it are the ones who are too ugly or flabby to make one themselves!


    I hope kim k. does not have kids because 1: that sex tape will haunt her forever. how do you explain that? 2: they will look nothing like her since she has had so much plastic surgery!!! she looks like a blow up doll!


    She should say, "I am an adult, and this is the way I choose to live my life. I am not encouraging younger girls who watch my show to imitate my actions; because in real life, they are harmful and destructive and can end in teen pregnancy, STDs, and even death. I understand what I do and say is monitored and watched, but I was not put out there to be a role model. I did not come into "the business" with any aim to advocate for the actions of the younger generation. I came to have fun, my type of fun, not a child's. I would never tell my kids to act the way I do, and I don't expect nor desire anyone else's to follow in my footsteps."
    So, in ways, I agree with you both.

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