T-Pain Asks: Like My Tattoo?

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You're off the hook, Gucci Mane. You no longer possess the most ridiculous tattoo in the history of mankind.

Incredibly, T-Pain has topped that rapper face-scarring ice cream cone by getting a permanent reminder of Facebook on his body. We wish we were making this up, but the artist recently returned from Hawaii with the following tattoo.

T-Pain Tattoo

Tweeted T-Pain: I get a tatt every time I come to Hawaii. I think ones pretty sweet, unless facebook shuts down.

Right. That's the only thing that would not make it sweet, dude.

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nice bet, since facebook is now one of the biggest company on the web


Barf. More like shows mankinds deplorable addiction to foolish time wasting distractions which have become associated with "technological progress". Deeper meaning...yeah ok. Go get NOOB tattooed across your forhead.


"dislike" button


I think that is cool..I love it!! Writer how does that top the ice cream cone? Bad writeup especially when the tattoo is actually cool. This just made me a fan of tpain

Sheri permenter parente

I am not a fan of tattoos but if I were, I damn sure would not put that on my body!! But for him, it's cute and it is his arm!!

Crystal arzt

That's a great tattoo! It has a wonderful msg. The dude don't give a fuck if you like him or not, that is the point. He don't let other people's opinion of him shape him. I think everyone needs to take a lesson from this guy. Don't let other people's view bring you down. Sorry you're to shallow and bent on "coolness" to see the true deeper meaning of this nice tattoo. Another thing is that this tat is modern too. FB is now a cornerstone of the internet, just like google, there are more and more "like" buttons across the net. Why not send out a self confident positive msg using the FB "like" button. A symbol of mankind's technological evolution. Shame on you people for being shallow dumbasses that miss the deeper meaning of things, but then again that is appropiate because look what magazine you are. lol.


at least it's original.


All of yall are stupid that shit looks sooo stupid.I swear if your gonna put a stupid tat on you at least put if where no one can see it.


I actually like it.....it just so the FUCKIN HATERS can back off!!!!!!!!


I luv it!!

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