Olivia Munn Maxim Cover Labeled Disgusting, Pornographic

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In a break from its typical cover shots, Maxim has placed a gorgeous woman at the center of its latest issue, one wearing very little clothing.

The beauty in question is actress Olivia Munn, who stars on the new NBC sitcom Perfect Couples. She poses for the publication in a cleavage-baring top and skimpy underwear that pretty much resembles every other cover the magazine has ever ran.

Olivia Munn for Maxim

But try telling that to Dan Gainor, the vice president of Business and Culture at the Media Research Center. He says of this image: "It's disgusting. Maxim has moved their magazine from tawdry to full-on pornography."

Hmmm... let's hope Gainor never looks at these photos of Munn.

What do you think of this Maxim cover? Does it cross a line?


It is not that bad. It's not like she's underage. She's a beautiful grown woman. Leave her alone.


Sorry Becca, Don't recall Cosmo ever having half naked men on the cover, that's Men's Health mag your refurring to.


Lets read the titles of the articles in this mag shall we? "10 ways to improve the super bowl" "57 best beers" Hey! this sounds like a mens magazine! Im sure cosmo or another magazine like it has had half naked men on its cover at one point too, get over it.


This chick is NOT hot. Megan Fox is hot. Megan Fox doesn't pose with her legs spread in transparent panties. This chick is an ugly hoe who wishes she was Megan Fox. Olivia's face is really ugly and she has shitty-eyes. Boy shaped typical 'Bangkok Betty' to the extreme. Close your legs, I can smell your dirty vag and clearly see the mold growing on your vag through your transparent panties.


CRAP just saw that she did Playboy in 2009 what a fucking dissapointment!! Yeah we all know she's hot but she doesn't need to do this shit like everyone else!! More is less


Well, I don't think it's pornographic cuz it's Maxim and this is pretty standard pic. What I don't like is her on it cuz I thought she was better than that, guess not.


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