LOL Co-Star: Miley Cyrus is Wonderful, Classy

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Any regular reader of THG knows the first words that come to mind when we think of Miley Cyrus are not "classy" or "wonderful."


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    Miley Is Real! She is not pretending or working for public! She's down to Earth & thats why people who know her like her so much!
    Love u Miles!


    Miley is awesome! No matter wut people say she is classy. All tht stuff she does on stage or wutever is only an act. Leave her alone. If u HATE her soo much than why bother coming on this site? Yeah i see how much u hate her. Get a damn life and hate on urself for being insecure and very lame. Get over yourselves and pick on someone who u actually know.


    hey, shut up MileyHaters!! Stop judging Miley if you don't know yo


    Us fans already knew that:)


    @kim: I just don't think it's important to be 'classy' at all times, espescially when you're young. In the 21st century people should finally be able to wear whatever they feel like wearing.


    IF u are JUDGING miley, a YOUNG teenager, DOUBLE CHECK your APPERANCE. Freek, if u ain't worse than HELL. M.C lotof LOVE


    Miley, keep it up, continue being yourself, dont mind them, or whatdey say. INLIFE they are somany OPPOSITION. LOVE U!


    It's nice to see SOMEONE defend Miley for a change, instead of bashing her 24/7. People in general need to leave her alone, realize she's growing up and stop soaking. There are far more worse " starlets " to poke fun at such as Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, etc. and you choose Miley as an alternative. SMH. But I'm glad Miley ignores nonsence and continues to do what she loves which is make movies, make music, and please her fans like me. And for that, I'm an even bigger supporter than before. Love ya Miles. (:


    blaize- you think being classy is too much work? lol, being classy is not wearing 14 petticoats or being celibate! It means wearing clothes that don't make you look like a joke or a hooker, speaking with a wide descriptive vocabulary, and carrying yourself with confidence.


    I don't think Miley Cyrus is 'classy', but I don't think she's trashy either. I'm not really a fan of the word 'classy' because usually when people use that word it implies the old fashioned belief that women need to be submissive, demure, virginal, and conservatively dressed in order to be accepted by society. I hate it when people say a woman or girl needs to be 'classy' because it has a snobby, sexist, repressive, prudish tone to it. I don't think being classy is as important as being a nice person- and the two don't always come together. People should be able to dress however they want and express themselves. Trying to be classy all the time is superficial and too much work, espesially when you're young. It's better to be real and be true to yourself.

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