Lauren Alaina: The Next American Idol?

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What do you get when you cross an emotional backstory with a cute personality and an incredible singing voice?

Lauren Alaina, a 15-year old from Georgia who auditioned for American Idol in Nashville and immediately told the judges that she was inspired by her cousin Holly, a brain tumor victim for whom Alaina had organized a number of fundraisers.

As was the case with Chris Medina, was this final audition of the night planned to manipulate the audience? Of course. But that didn't make Lauren's voice any less beautiful or her story any less true. She sang both a Faith Hill single and an Aerosmith single and we have a feeling we'll be hearing from her in Hollywood:

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I love Laren and Scotty they did a awesome job! I am very proud of the both May God Bless You forever and ever! Carolyn a fan of the amercian idol!


Her voice is amazing I am gonna crazy She must win!


i thank she rocks and i hope she wins


I really hope that she wins!!!! She has what it takes to make it all the way!!!! I love her voice!


This girl is going to go very far in the business. Her voice is truly amazing, and her demeanor is wonderful. My vote is on her... YOU GO GIRL!!


I hope she wins!


If she doesn't make it to the end, its because she's already started recording elsewhere. :) She's really great!!!


She's amazing!! I actually cried! Divinely inspired ;) The world will love her...


Ohhh myyyy GOSH!!!! Her voice is beyond amazing! I'm speechless! She's only 15!!!! Just a beautiful voice. Wow.

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