Kelsey Grammer Extends Wedding Invitation to Camille Grammer

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Earlier today, a judge granted the request of Camille Grammer to delay divorce proceedings with Kesley Grammer.

Still, despite this new development, at some point, our long national nightmare will end and these two money/attention-starved morons will legally split.

Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre and Michael Buble

When that day comes, of course, Kelsey will waste no time in marrying Kayte Walsh - and insiders say he wants Camille at the ceremony!

A friend of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star tells Pop Eater an invitation has been proffered because Kelsey is afraid his kids won't attend the wedding if their mother remains home.

"Camille is an amazing human being," this insider hysterically says. "For her, it's all about her children. She's willing to put her personal hurt aside to be a great mom."

With daughters Mason and Jude, Camille has said in the past that she knows she must get along with her ex-husband "because we have to co-parent and that's the correct way to do it."

Now, if only her actions actually matched those words...

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She does look so grown up. Wow. And like she could hold a tan relaly well. Great skin tone. Which, of course, matters so much at that age.


On her TV reality show, she said she has I believe 4 nannies and it's all about her children, eh!
I wonder if they recognise their mother!


Camille needs to attend the wedding all right, and pop out of the wedding cake nude. Since Kelsey seems to have a wicked sense of humor, join the fun - don't get mad - get even! What song should she sing as she emerges from the cake? One of those drippy, soppy songs they sing at weddings. Or, "I Got You Babe", or something similarly moronic.


she is a better mother than he is a father that is for sure. and if i were his new "fiance" i would be worried - because camille was in her position once right??? hmmmmm those kids will bounce back and will fare better than these three idiots... but i have a feeling that camille knows what she's doing - lets wait n see...


When is she actually spending time with her kids? All we ever see is Camille having phony "friends" over who give lip service by telling her how beautiful she is. How pathetic! That is why everyone calls you insecure. A woman who is secure with who she is doesn't need people (who are obviously only friends because she has money) to lie to her all the time about how amazing she is.


Camille may not be everyone's cup of tea but she has handled the breakup with a lot of dignity and restraint, unlike Kelsey. To call your wife and tell her the marriage is over and then parade around town with your girlfriend is tacky and shows a lack of morals and insensitivity. He was not man enough to sit down face to face with Camille and tell her he wanted out. Camille has put her kids first and she wants to be able to co-parent and be on civil terms for the kids' sake. Again, Kelsey is too involved with his girlfriend to give his kids a second thought. Regardless of why the marriage broke up Kelsey needs to put on his big boy tighty whitey pants and deal with this in an adult manner.


Camille is all about her children unlike absent dad who only wants them for photo ops. While dad was living the single life in new york dipsi doing anyone and everyone, mom was home loving and nurturing her kids. Unfortunately when they can do web searches they will see how dad abandoned and humiliated his family.The kids will know mom from her interaction with them than some nonsense written on the internet.Since kelsey couldn't man up with Camille over the year I doubt he want her only the kids for photo ops at the wedding.


If Camille is a good mom i'm a 92 yr old ballerina!! I think she'll go...cause it'll be on BOTH of these morons reality shows :/


camille is a great mom


vow,I like it very much!!!thank you for your sharing!!!