Kathy Griffin to Willow Palin: You're Goin' Down!

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Leave it to Kathy Griffin to offer up a preview of one of 2011's potential celebrity feuds in the opening moments of the new year ... live on CNN.

Her New Year's resolution, she told Anderson Cooper, is to take down 16-year-old Willow Palin because of her homophobic Facebook slurs in 2010.

"She's called people a fa***t on Facebook a couple of times. You don't throw around the f-word without hearing from me," she said.

We think Kathy Griffin is mostly kidding. Okay, we hope she is.

"I've already gone for Sarah, Todd and Bristol obviously, but I think it's Willow's year to go down. In 2011 I want to offend a new Palin," she said.

That shouldn't beĀ  hard. Those people will fire off Facebook rants and hastily-written statements if they don't like the direction the wind blows.

Still, is calling out Willow Palin really the way to go?

We know you're a D-lister, Kath, but can't you find a better target than a dumbass with the maturity of a 16-year-old? Or her daughter Willow for that matter?

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I agree with Gary Jackson -- Kathy Griffin is a creepy, ugly, no-talent "Cut Up Not Toasted" if you get my drift. This is my ultimate nightmare -- she and Bill Maher get together and hatch their breed.


Kathy Griffin is a hoe.I definetly agree with Gary Jackson.


Ughhhh how many fuckin times do I have to say this! Kathy Griffin is beautiful, kind, compassionate, generous, and also very sensitive to the needs of minority groups such as LGBTQIA individuals, and THAT is why she's going after Willow-not because she has no life or because she's jealous, but because she is angry over the homophobic slurs that Willow used....So seriously people, try to be a little more understanding next time.... :(


Griffin is a creepy stalker targeting young girls. Plain and simple. yuck.


kathy griffins book sales are going down and her slandering the palins is a publicity stunt to get attention for herself and her book sales plus she knows she is getting old she has a girlfriend herself so she should not be pointing fingers at other people whean she embarses herself with other people


Hey bitingontinfoil! Why don't you got bite a bullet instead! Griffin, meh. Fucking ugly bitch.


Anichiwavixen made such a good point "Free Britney" I loved the joke you made about sarah palin And I loved that you described these people so beautifully with the words "Those people will fire off Facebook rants and hastily-written statements if they don't like the direction the wind blows." THG you guys never fail to entertain me


Kathy Griffin is old hassbeen that can,t be funny unless she cussing out someone. She is MAYBEE 1/10th of the women shara Palin is. Willow is still a 16 year old child. Pick on someone your own size you stupid BITCH.


WOW, Gary--using the 'c-word' (and actually spelling it out on a public message board that has your name and a picture). What a classy guy you must be! Not saying I disagree with you---I can't stand Kathy Griffin, either. But the funny thing is she's EXACTLY the same kind of ignorant, uneducated, publicity-whore as Sarah Palin and her band of teenage sluts. The irony is HILARIOUS!!!!


Kathy Griffin is a cunt. A big, nasty, unfunny cunt. Willow Palin is 16 years old, and this irrelevant attention whore Kathy Griffin, who no one cares about, or would even know about, can only keep her name out there by trashing a 16 year old kid. What a pathetic sub-human piece of garbage Kathy Griffin is. No talent, no skill, no looks. Just as nasty hateful skank through and through.

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