Jenny Lewis Accompanies Jake Gyllenhaal to Golden Globes

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Sorry, Taylor Swift. We hope you weren't watching the Golden Globes last night.

Just a couple weeks after he reportedly broke the singer's heart, Jake Gyllenhaal showed up at the event with ex-girlfriend Jenny Lewis.

The star, who was nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical for Love and Other Drugs, walked the red carpet with his former fling, an actress who appeared in Troop Beverly Hills and Foxfire. That's not an impressive resume. But, if this couple is back on, you're looking at one impressive catch for Lewis.

Jenny Lewis Picture

Look away, Taylor Swift! Just look away.

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I'd imagine they just went as friends. She just put out an album with her (assumed still) boyfriend under the moniker Jenny and Johnny. Either way, she's one lucky girl.


Jenny Lewis is way too awesome for this shit.


Um, I'd say it's quite an impressive catch for Gyllenhaal. Jenny Lewis is one of the best female singers out there. And let's not forget her turn in "The Wizard."


uhhh what about johnathan rice?


"Lead singer from indie rock band Rilo Kiley" is much more of a fair description for Jenny ('she is a goddess', I'd say), I was quite shocked when I recognized her with Gyllenhaal again.


I totally approve of this (re)coupling...if that's what it is. Jake was too old for Taylor anyway! Also, I'm glad people are sticking up for Jenny. She is an amazing singer/musician! Anyone who can add "Lead singer for Rilo Kiley" to their resume is pretty impressive to me! I think each of them can brag about finding a good catch here!


Jake ashame date with tay,coz she more popular than him,....!!!then he used her...wht a phothetic.!! COWARD...!!!


"not an impressive resume" - she's a well-respected musician. A+ research here, guys.


Yes, Jenny Lewis is much better known as a musician than as an actress. And while certainly not as successful or as well-known as Taylor Swift, Jenny Lewis' music is much better, and I daresay "hipper" than that of Taylor Swift.


Jenny Lewis is not only an actress, but also lead singer for Rilo Kiley. She's awesome.