Jenna Jameson on Chelsea Handler: What a Dried Up Old Wh*re!

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Jenna Jameson was apparently far from pleased when Chelsea Handler referred to her as "raunchy" in a Glamour magazine article last month.

Nor does Jenna take kindly to Chelsea singling out children in her comedy material. The legendary adult film star summed up her feelings on Twitter.

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Never one to pull any punches, Jameson Tweeted: "Chelsea handler makes fun of peoples kids... Probably because she's a dried up old whore."

OFF THE HANDLER: 50 Cent isn't the only one feeling screwed by Chelsea.

When some didn't take kindly to her word choice, Jenna said: "So funny, I can't have an opinion on cheese handler? She calls peoples babies retarded."

"To me... It's not funny. Just cuz I say it like it is...... Don't hate...... She talks massive sh!!t.. Ok, whatever." Then, in response to further criticism ...

"Everyone trying to give me the literal meaning of whore. How do you think she got her job at E!? She dated the president of E!"

"If she can't handle the heat, don't talk shit! Oh, and get a makeup team, you look scroungy."

"Starting a war with a comedian doesn't scare me because she hires writers to be funny. All she has to do is stand there, and we will laugh."

That sound you hear? That sound is of IT BEING ON.

Better watch out though, JJ. She can play rough. Just ask 50 ... or Angelina Jolie. Chelsea will throw around c-bombs without thinking twice.


Jenna Jameson makes me sick! At least Chelsea has made a career on being so creative!! Jenna Jameson is just a WHORE! Really? How can Jenna judge when she opens her legs to randoms for money! Your a prostitute! dont say you arnt because prostitutes get pain for sex right?! Thats what your doing! And @sweet D really? Your going to defend someone like this? She is cheap!! I dont mind if a girl poses naked but be tastefull about it! Respect yourself! But most the other comments (e.g monkey) you guys are too funny! Keep it up (:


i want to fuck porn ouenn jenna jameson 00963932823800 call with me


Chelsea is awesome and she always makes fun of herself stop being so PC she is a comedian not a nobel peace prize winner. As for Jenna Jamison who cares what a washed up porn star thinks


Forever nice


Carol, Jenna doesn't have the brains to start a lemonade stand on her own. She also did no such thing in making a multi billion dollar company on her own. Her current second husband Jay Grdina funded ClubJenna, started the company, and ran the company on his own. It's very well known in the porn industry that Jenna never had anything to do with the company. She was a paid employee. Jay was her boss. Jay did all the work while Jenna did nothing but sat back taking all the credit. And ClubJenna was never in the billion dollar area either. I don't know what planet you live to think that small company raked in billions.


@Johnson sr - you might call her a bimbo but Jenna has brains,she's made a multi billion dollar empire for herself, clever girl $ ...And fyi if you're so enraged by world news affairs & the vacant nature of gossip sites, why are you posting on one?...


Omg, "Idiocracy" is so funny! anyway, I love Jenna, she is raunchy, so why get defensive? Jenna is an icon, she's created an empire out of herself, no one can deny that. Chelsea wouldn't be talking about her if she were a nobody


LOL ... All u idiots taking sides with a bimbo on bimbo throwdown? Are your lives that devoid of true substance and concern? Egypt is about to fall into violent chaos, and ya all talking about these two? You all need to watch the movie "Idiocracy" and ask yourselves honestly which character most reminds you of yerslvs.


OMG! Jenna Needs to get over herslef alredy! The Truth hurts n thts y she's tlkn Smack! Chelsea looks good without all tht makeup unlike Jenna who is having sex with hundreds of men (strangers) for $$$$ so whose really RAUNCHY?? I think yaall know who it isJJ! So by all means the truth hurts so suck it up n move on!!!!


And you also said "getting paid to have sex does not make a woman a whore, it makes her a prostitute" REALLY!!?? That's the fucking definition of a whore and she's the biggest WHORE of them all!! I'm surprised her picture didn't pop up when you google whore.

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