Is Kim Kardashian 2sexy2tweet?

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If we answer yes to the latest question posed by Kim Kardashian on Twitter, will she go away?

The professional celebrity took to her social network last night and showed off the only reason she's famous. To wit:

Krazy for Kameras

Along with the photo, she wrote: "Photo shoot time! #2sexy2tweet?"

You tell us, fans. This is what plastic surgery, millions of dollars and unhealthy dieting can get you. What do you think? Kim Kardashian is...


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Avatar yourself and be not listen to all these envious bunch of your life the way you want and CAN........hugs and kisses......just let me know when you want to visit CARTAGENA de INDIAS - COLOMBIA for our annual FILM and JAZZ FESTIVAL......let me be your official guide and photographer !


Flawless!!! you are a beautiful woman don't listen to none of these people are here. The same people talking are the same people that would love to be you. Pretty knows pretty so obviously the people on here leaving these comments are ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you kim you look great!!


Kardashian if she have sean beutiful arabic tyrkesh and russian qirls body she will never shoo her smeel ARMENIAN make over body.


I don't care how much this chick wants to say that her boobs are natural.....uh...BS! They are almost hitting her chin! Wanna see natural large breast? sofia vergara....they have a natural "fall" anyway, kim is undisputably beautiful but what's up with the chin down pornstar pose? & don't even get me started on the all of a sudden "cat-eyes" (botox). Oh well, all we can do is wait & see when she dissapears but i have a feeling that won't happen any time soon


She is too sexy or too outgoing


y doesnt she jus skip to the inevitable n become a full on pornstar we all kno thts y she became famous n thts wut she's gonna do to stay famous


You can now Google ' you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig!' and Kim's name pops-up. Now that's funny.


it is really sad when someone has to dress up and take photos of themself in the mirror because they are not out living and being loved. you gotta feel sorry for her.


Entirely too much make up! I can’t imagine applying false eyelashes, a ton of concealer, foundation, 10 pounds of make up, hair extentions, butt pads and god knows what just to get through the day. It must take her 5 hours to get ready to leave the house!


I'm sorry but Kim does not look half as pretty as she used to. When she leaked her sex tape back in 07 (such a moment to be proud of) she was more naturally pretty, her face now tho looks nothing like it used to she looks like the joker