Happy Birthday, Kate Middleton!

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Kate Middleton turns 29 years old today and we encourage all readers to send in their best wishes.

After all, what else do you get a beautiful young woman who is set to marry a hunk and inherit billions of dollars?

As seen below, Middleton has already become a supermarket tabloid staple. Expect to see and hear a lot more about the future princess in the near future, some true, some false, all looking to cash in on what will be wedding of the century.

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Happy, Happy Birthday Kate! I truly admire you! You are an outstanding woman.


Happy Birthday Kate!!! That is so awesome....MY BIRTHDAY IS TODAY TOO!!! How awesome is that!! Happy birthday and I hope you have a wonderful day and may god bless you!!


@ starryeyed thank you for point that out finally someone with some sense :)!


Happy birthday kate..
WiSh you all the best..


Thanks for that comment starryeyed!! I was just going to call her out on saying that she was doing it for money. I might just do it again for good measure though. VampFreak101 perhaps you would marry a guy for money but Kate is not doing that! She is marrying William for something way more important than this throne/money/fame. She is marrying him for his AMAZING heart. Wishing Kate a happy birthday and all the best in the future. William and Kate deserve a long happy life together.


Happy 29th Birthday, Catherine! I hope you have a wonderful and enjoyable day with your Prince, Wills. Blessings to you and His Royal Highness, Prince William! I'm sure you'll be the best Queen England has seen since Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Best Wishes from USA!


actually vampfreak sounds like you really don't know what the hell your talking about , because first of all kate and william have been dating for 8yrs so its obviously true love not just to join the royal family like you suggested and secondly its OBVIOUSLY not for money because if you would know anything about her, you'd know that she comes from serious money needing none of williams to keep her going! and btw 1 last point - its £££ not $$$!


Happy Birthday Princess! :) OMG so cool that she has the same birthday as my cousin (but she is 27 years older, and still young and beautiful!). Hope you have a great day with your Prince now and always especially on your wedding day and in the future with little princes and princesses of your own.


Happy Birthday, even though your just gonna get married with him to 1)become queen(or something like that)and the most OBVIOUS
2)to get his $$$


happy birthday kate

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