Happy Birthday, Elin Nordegren!

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Elin Nordegren, perhaps the world's richest, most eligible single-mom divorcee, turns 31 years old on this first day of the new year. Happy birthday!

Tiger Woods may be the greatest golfer ever, but Elin delivered the most lucrative shot in history with one swing of the 9-iron. Now she's moved on.

Fight For the Kids

If Tiger had any brains, he wouldn't have pawed Devon James, Jaimee Grubbs and their ilk. Was it worth it, man? Nine figures later, probably not.

If you have any brains, you'll click to enlarge this gallery of Elin Nordegren pictures we put together ... and give her a ring if you're a single guy:

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Elin... You go girl... I went through the same thing without all the money and I say you will win in the end. You'll find someone that loves you for the beautiful (inside and out) person you are and life will be good. Don't let this jerk rip your heart. Hold that head high and go... For you will shine. Go and enjoy his money with those beautiful children and there are real men out there that can stay faithful to you and your children. Always remember that he is their father and they do need to have a relationship with him... But YOU... get up and dance and enjoy your youth...


I can't believe that Elin did not give Tiger another chance at
their marriage. I have been there before, everyone screws up,
mostly men, and he has paid dearly for it, but it's worth another shot because I think they were in love, and look at the two beautiful children that deserve a home with two parents in it and I don't mean step parents either. So Elin think about it and give him another try, he was too into himself and I think a lesson well learn the very hard way. He's worth another shot. I think parents can be selfish when they don't think of their children first as they had no choice to come into this world and a loving family is security to them. enough said.


WOW Eric back the fuck up for a second. So you do have a point about her marring rich and probably knew about his steroid use and hooking up with every slut known to man. Given that it was partially her fault but he has to take some blame too. If he was unhappy, he should have spoken up long ago, before the cheating and lying. I do not think having kids is an excuse on either sides and they are both at fault for a ruined marriage.


So she's an inspiration to many women why? Because she was hot before marriage, roped in a rich athlete, got frumpy after spitting out dome kids, covered up her husbands steroid usage so that he could keep winning money, got cheated on, and then comitted assault instead of just walking away. Oh wait... can't forget her getting a couple hundred million for doing dick squat. Screw her. She's nothing more than a typical woman with an undeserved sense of entitlement. Not an inspiration.


Ditto, Carmen


Happy Birthday, Elin and many many more!!! You are a woman with dignity, self respect and a good moral foundation and you are an inspirations to many women around the world!!! Your future looks bright and happy!!!Best to you and your precious kids during the New Year 2011 and always!!!


Happy birthday Elin. you are a gorgeous woman with your dignity intact and two precious kids. You are in a much better place now than with that jerk of ex husband. No doubt he will regret what he did but he has only himself to blame.


@Free Britney,All the Blessings of a Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!! Could not help but notice the only picture of Elin and Tiger with
the closed eye and missing teeth. My guess would have to be that
this picture was a cover for MAD Magazine.
Thanks for the opportunity, but I have now officially signed off on The Tiger Woods Saga!!

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