Gary Shirley Calls Amber Portwood "Sluttish"

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Gary Shirley should know better.

We know he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but if there's one thing you don't do, it's call your baby mama "sluttish" on the phone ... to her cousin.

In a TMZ audio recording from just last month, Gary is on the phone with Krystal, the cousin of Teen Mom star / Gary's baby mama Amber Portwood ...

Gary explains to Krystal that he kind of has a crush on her, pointing out, "You've got things that Amber don't." Like a job, and/or a full set of marbles.

Then Shirley drops an all-time quote, praising Krystal because: "Amber is sluttish. You've been with six dudes, Amber's been with f**king a million."

Sums it up well. Listen above.


its all a lie..they set up jordan sanchez to c if he would sell this story..not knowing he was recording it!


I think Gary should get leigh and let amber go..she aint nobody but a hooker..All she done is bitch,bitch,bitch..That aint no mom i ever seen...


What, she is!! He's just saying what we all are thinking. He's the one that will be forever tied to her, sucks for him!!


GROSS! Both of them are bad parents (I don't care how young they are). I was a teen mom & NEVER acted like that. I used to think he was the better of the 2, but he's just as much a pig. Her moving in an ex con she met at Walmart & now him hitting on her family member. Poor baby Leah being raised in a trashy environment.


I'd say he's fattish & that the pair of them are fug-ish! Seriously, a bunch of uggo's inside & out...


Please... he calls her sluttish.. if it walk like a duck & quacks like a duck...then its probably a duck... that girl ain't no saint her self.


Proof that men will sleep with anything if that chick gets guys


Could just be 2 of the scariest looking people I have ever seen.

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