Emily Maynard: The Bachelor Favorite?

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From the moment she was introduced on The Bachelor season premiere last night, Emily Maynard became a favorite - to win, and among viewers.

Emily was formerly engaged to Ricky Hendrick, a NASCAR driver who died in a plane crash in 2004. Right after that, she learned she was pregnant.

The beautiful single mom from Charlotte, N.C., is the quintessential Southern belle and a sweetheart to boot. Brad Womack? Immediately smitten.

She's got the story, the looks and the personality. Will she win? Here's The Bachelor's introductory Emily Maynard montage from Monday ...

With a little plastic surgery, Hugh Hefner would be all over it, but luckily for us, she doesn't look to be artificially enhanced. Except for the tan.

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Yay mburg alums


dont hate on Mercersburg... I wouldnt change a thing about my experiance. Its AMAZING. But Im glad people are quick to judge a school based on one person. Lets try not to take a biased opinion here.


Dear Kate - Your mouth needs to be washed out with soap. If you represent what a Mercersburg graduate is like, than I hope people think twice before sending their children there. You are downright rude and condescending.


Oh and P.S.- In reference to the first post by the alleged "Sutton", she sure does have some shitty grammar for someone who went to Mercersburg. It is one of the best high schools in the country and I'm proud to be an alum. Sutton's mommy and daddy wasted some tuition money.


I went to boarding school with Emily when she was a freshman as well. There were only 400 students at our school. I never knew anyone named Sutton... what does that tell you... and although I have no idea if she got breast implants, who cares if she did?


Chantal - it wasn't college it was high school - ages ago. these new rumors about emily sound crazy. i love watching her on tv and i hope she wins! she deserves her happily ever after.


Hi Sarah...where did you go to college with Emily?


not sure if this "Sutton" person is referring to me, (my married name is Sutton), but I was her roommate freshman year, and I had nothing but positive feelings toward Emily. (regardless of how she felt towards me) I did not know her well enough to ever suggest that she has had any work done. So this SUTTON person should go f themselves, and then the person replying to that post should also look in a mirror before being downright nasty towards who they thought was me. Shame on both of you.


I went to the same boarding school when emily was in her freshman year and, from what I remember, her roommate and she did not get along. The roommate was even asked to leave school and tried to pin the infraction that led to the expulsion on emily. I wouldn't have thought they would stay in touch enough for "sutton" to know whether or not she's had breast augmentation and what she would or wouldn't do with her assets.


I LOVE this girl so much and its only the 3rd episode! She is the girl you want to hate because she is so freakin beautiful and perfect but you just cant because it is so obvious how down to earth and normal she is. I hope Brad doesnt choose her in the end because I want her to be the next Bachelorette! Ali Fedotowsky who?

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