Did Lindsay Lohan Try to Bribe Dawn Holland?

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After Lindsay Lohan's encounter with Dawn Holland at the Betty Ford Center, during which the former staffer originally alleged she was battered by Lindsay, only to take back that claim days later, we joked that bribes go a long way.

Well, the D.A. had the same thought. Only he isn't kidding.

The Riverside County D.A.'s office has kept open the case against Lindsay, and a suspected payoff to Holland is one reason for the extended investigation.

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"Riverside District Attorney David Greenberg, who is handling the case, suspects that Dawn Holland was paid off by Lindsay Lohan's camp," a source said.

"Greenberg believes that Dawn's change of heart was fiscally motivated. Greenberg believes Lindsay's camp paid Dawn off, plain and simple."

A source says Lindsay was unaware of any payment involving Dawn. That's because, Radar Online claims, Michael Lohan was the one involved.

He even admits this fact, but says Holland's camp reached out.

"Dawn has had her attorney meet with me, negotiate with me and even propose a 'deal' with me," Linds' dad told the celeb gossip site via email.

Radar reports that a $25,000 deal was struck, but stalled. A new deal was then constructed where Holland and Lindsay would do a joint interview.

Then, there was a supposed photo deal involving Lindsay.

Holland says she has not received any money and didn't have a deal. She did, however, admit, that there was discussion of a joint photo shoot.

Holland said that Lindsay attacked her at the Betty Ford Center when the actress returned late one night, sold the story to TMZ and was fired.

Attorney Keith Davidson was hired by Holland, who after filing a police complaint, then refused to cooperate, standing in solidarity with Lohan.

Multiple sources say Davidson tried to negotiate a settlement with Lindsay's camp, with a possible civil suit looming. It's unclear where that went.

Regardless, Lohan's conduct has drawn interest from prosecutors, who question her motives in suddenly deciding not to cooperate with officials.

She is not obligated by law to cooperate, but the new disclosures of possible payments could bring up other legal issues to expand the probe.


Appreciiaotn for this information is over 9000—thank you!


I agree bebe. Remember when Britney Spears' father stepped in to take guardianship of her and her money? He didn't abuse it and she got better. I'm sure neither of Lindsays parents are trustworthy enough to do so nor would they risk being cut off by her but damn if the girl does not need someone to really step up and be tough. It may just save her life. Too bad, she was talented.


I feel sad for Lindsay. She is a lost, sad, wore out little girl trying fill herself with everything under the sun but love and acceptance. She is in a bad situation and her family is reeping the finacial benefits off her failures. If her parents were really concerned for her they would do whatever possible to help her and not be flashed in front of cameras saying what they hve done when I hvent seen them do nothing. Pray for Lindsay before we are viewing her memorial service.


This whole case is a mess. Both sides are at wrong here, Dawn should have never told TMZ because it was in her job contract that she not discuss any matters in the rehab to people outside everything is confidential in the exception with police reports. Lindsay should have never made a huge deal about being questioned if she were actually drinking that night.


Dawn was infuriated and change of attorney, because Lindsay refused to pose for a picture with Sher. I guess it was Michael Lohan's brilliant idea.


Since when would Michael Lohan have had the authority to negoitate on behalf of his Lindsay? Thought they did not speak? Whatever the case he is such a media whore that I would not believe a word he says. Not that I'd believe Lindsay either....

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