Did Lindsay Lohan Cut Deal With Rehab Accuser?

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Lindsay Lohan cut a deal with the woman accusing her of battery in rehab, according to reports. When it went awry, so did her relations with Dawn Holland.

Here's how it went down. Lohan and Holland plotted to have a celebrity photo agency take pictures of them together, and for Dawn to pocket the cash.

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Dawn was expected to make upwards of $10,000 from the sale of the pics. This was BEFORE she decided not to pursue criminal charges against Lindsay.

The familiar, pained expression worn by Lindsay Lohan.

Sources close to the deal say the point was not for Dawn to get money in exchange for dropping her case, but rather for Lindsay to "help her out."

In any case, it never ended up going down. Sources say the deal fell apart when Lindsay's business manager, Lou Taylor, put the kibosh on this.

Dawn was pissed, felt Lindsay was "disrespecting" her, got a new lawyer and sources say may pursue the battery case against Lohan after all.

The D.A. won't let it go, so despite numerous reports that Lohan was clean and has passed many drug tests since, you never know. Stay tuned ...


Thats quit good if she's really willing to cut the rehab!!!


Too bad for Lindsay! I still love her! I think everybody deserves a second chance. I had a cousin one time who had drug problems but was able to recover and now he’s just fine! I’m glad all of the shows are giving people second chances. I just saw a commercial for that cool game show “Minute To Win It� on NBC where they’re doing a second chance show as well! I think it’s on this Wednesday January 26 at like 8/7c! I know where I’ll be!


Oh please.....Can anyone say "who gives a poop" She is a barely average actress. Hollywood is really starting to turn people off!
Let her go!


Hi Lin a you verri. 10161986@rambler.ru


Would one assume that Lindsay might be fighting obstruction of justice charges next?

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