Brad WHOA-mack: The Bachelor Has a Criminal History

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When this season of The Bachelor premiered, contestants were noticeably wary of Brad Womack because he left both finalists with a broken heart during his first run on the show.

But suitors now have a new reason to worry: Womack is a criminal!!!

According to police records, Brad was arrested in 1993 for forging a Texas driver's license. Did ABC miss this infraction during its background check because Womack was booked under his birth name, Stephen Bradley Pickelsimer? Or did the network not care because he's just so gosh darn handsome?

Brad Womack Mug Shot

This felony counterfeiting charge netted Womack 180 days of probation.

Meanwhile, Star Magazine also reports that the bachelor was busted for public intoxication and for passing a bad check.

Consider yourself warned, Emily Maynard.


is it weird if i feel ceelmplod to post comments on 6 year old blog posts?ill refrain. but only because i haven’t the time.


This is what is wrong with this country, it is not okay in my book to be arrested for anything and I sure do not want to date or be married to someone who has. I don't care what the charge is, it is not suppose to be a part of life to be arrested. And I think it is so wrong of the network if they know of his criminal history and did not tell these ladies. I would be very upset if I did not know of this and I was falling for someone. I do have high standards when it comes to a mate and for the ladies that have kids like Emmily and Michelle could makes it a different situation, these ladies may not want to be with someone that has been arrested several times. Stop making excuses for him. He is scum and trash if he does not tell these nice and decent ladies of his past.


I think it's more of a crime to have a name like Pickelsimer, than any of the stuff he is alleged to have done!


No big deal. He was only 19 at the time. Most 19 year olds are a little foolish.


Damnnnnn....this guy this got his head straightened out and now some folks are trying to screw him up again?


Find something else to talk about. This is so stupid. How long ago was this? &plus they make it seem like he killed someone "criminal" isnt the correct word. More like "human"!!


Ridiculous. Anyone can find anything abouty anybody. It's simple skiptracting. The producers prove it's all hype and no susbtance.

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