Bachelor Pad Season 2: Confirmed!

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Despite fans' lukewarm reaction and critics' mediocre reviews (at best), ABC is totally running back Bachelor Pad a second time this summer. 

Casting will begin at a party this very weekend.

Blakeley Shea Picture

“If you’re on the invite, then you’re in the running to become a contestant on Bachelor Pad,” a source said of the sexy reality star gathering.

Please, let these two idiots be among the new cast members ...

Next Entertainment, the production company that owns The Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad, is assembling as many as 65 BP hopefuls.

The invite bringing the castoffs from past seasons together promises an open bar, suggests cocktail attire, and is an on-camera event itself.

Everyone has to sign a waiver of release so they can be on camera and they plan to air footage on The Bachelor's "The Women Tell All."

“The producers are trying to pick their characters and come up with the cryer, the drunk and the angry contestant,” said an inside source.

Lucky Bachelor Pad winners Dave Good and Natalie Getz won the $250,000 prize in the first season of the show, which aired last summer. 

Despite a shaky, nonsensical premise and an oddball cast of characters, the season featured plenty of drama, tears and bed hopping.

In other words, good enough to make it work.

“I’m sure they will be shooting in the Spring again, though there are no definite dates,” said the source of Bachelor Pad's second season.

Sounds plain awesome. These people definitely need another 15 minutes. We'll pass along any Bachelor spoilers (and Pad spoilers) we hear.


At this point i would b happy if they voted off Vienna, Kasey and Melissa


I can't believe Vienna was not voted off tonight. She is totally stupid. Kasey on the other hand is dumb. Does he really thing Vienna will stay with him. NO! I am done watching!. Since day 1 but no more, it has become ridiculous. Go Ames! So ABC please note that a loyal fan is done because of Kasey and Vienna....they are beyond stupid and dumbe!


How stupid are these people for not voting Kasey and Vienna off???????Kasey is a smart ass that states he and Vienna are running the show.Vienna said that everybody in the house was effected by Jake being there when the other people there made comments that they did not have problems with Jake but Vienna bad mouthing him every since he came in the door.Kasey sucked on the bachelorette and now we have to see his hair liped face on this show.ABC what was you thinking?????


Im a little concerned on how the ending is going to go. Because if they do the same ending then I think the winners are going to discuss what they will do with the money, and that will ruin all the fun in the end!

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