AJ McLean Checks into Rehab

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AJ McLean, who has struggled with cocaine and alcohol abuse, has checked into rehab for the third time.

The Backstreet Boy attempted to get clean in 2001 and 2002, but sources tell TMZ the singer has been "out of control" for months now, interfering with his group's upcoming tour.

AJ Mclean Picture

McLean sounds optimistic about his chances to kick the bad habits, at least. He Tweeted this week:

Its gonna be a great year! I love u all and wish me luck! I start my sober journey tomm! Ttfn! See u on the other side!

In related news, homeless man Ted Williams also checked into rehab yesterday. We wish both these gentlemen a full recovery.


i missed the old bsb i hope he gets better i know its hard to kick the old habit out anything you do is a bad habits like shopping alot and gamlbing but i hope he gets better we don't need any celebs dies this year hopefully .