Who Had the Best-Selling Album of 2010?

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Justin Bieber may have her beat on YouTube hits, but there's one title to which Lady GaGa can lay claim: best-selling artist of 2010.

The eccentric singer's "The Fame (Monster) sold more copies than any CD this year, moving 5.8 million discs around the world.

Here's a look at the top five best-selling albums of 2010:

  1. Lady GaGa - The Fame (Monster), 5.8 million copies.
  2. Eminem - Recovery, 5.7 million
  3. Justin Bieber - My Worlds, 5.6 million
  4. Lady Antebellum - Need You Now, 3.6 million
  5. Taylor Swift - Speak Now, 3.5 million

None of these so called artists can even play the radio much less a musical instrument. Who buys them? Igmos who don't feed their family or buy school clothes.


fuck......bieber cant bear that
recovery is good.


ALL of these artists suck so they really dont qualify


oh...i though justin would get 2nd...and didnt expect lady antebellum would be in the top 5


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