Tiger Woods Scandal: The Top Sports Story of '10

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The truly unparalleled Tiger Woods scandal and his humbling, less than stellar return to golf was named the top sports story of 2010 by the AP.

He should share the honor with Rachel Uchitel.

Tiger Woods Playing Golf

The fallout from Woods' admission of infidelity was something no one could have expected - a deluge of mistresses, a split from Elin Nordegren and perhaps most surprisingly, a winless season on the golf course for the first time.

The Tiger Woods scandal made 2010 a year like no other.

It was Thanksgiving 2009 when Woods' pristine image unraveled after he crashed his SUV into a tree, unleashing salacious revelations of his double life.

Will 2011 be the year his return to prominence is the top story? That would be a comeback for the ages, and at this point, we're sort of pulling for it.

He made for great celebrity gossip, but at the end of the day, he's paid a heavy price for his "transgressions." It'd be nice to see Tiger back on top.


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Tiger Woods was given a golden opportunity and he misused it in a very big way! Tiger brought all his misfortunes unto himself. He destroyed his marriage, the family unit, his brand, the trust of the public and his golf game for something totally worthless!!! Everyone now knows who and what Tiger is and what he has done!!! Tiger tarnished his reputation and his name will be forever linked to one of the biggest sex scandal in the history of sports!!! I hope Tiger amends his life and does not cause his innocent children more shame and hurt!!!


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