Stephen Baldwin Sues Kevin Costner For Slick Move

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Stephen Baldwin has filed a lawsuit against Kevin Costner for scheming to make money off the BP oil rig disaster. Bet you totally saw that coming!

Alec and Billy's slightly-wacko brother says Kevin duped him into selling his shares in a company that builds machines that separate oil from water.

Baldwin claims in April, he decided to become a 10 percent partner in an invention backed by Costner (one developed during his film Waterworld).

B-PEEVED: Baldwin says he got hosed by Costner.

Costner and his partners made it seem as if Costner had already sold his shares in the company, when in fact the actor was still heavily invested.

Baldwin also claims the company misrepresented that there was no deal in the works to sell the contraption to BP ... which evidently there was.

Stephen alleges he was duped into selling his shares back to the company so Costner and his partners could score a bigger profit in that deal.

BP allegedly bought the company for more than $52 million. Baldwin is suing for unspecified damages and says Kevin is totally going to hell.

Just kidding. About the second part.


Once again, the pics tell the true story - Stephen: Boy..., was I a dumb-ass!!! Kevin: Man... was he a dumb-ass!!!


Stephen Baldwin Sucks the Big One!!!!!!!!!!


Keith Diamond, f*ck you! It took forever to scroll to the bottom of the page cuz of your unending comment.
Go peddle your faith elsewhere...or better yet, shut up altogether!


Didn't mean to offend any Baptist. I really can spell it. I was going for Westboro BLABtist Church in my last post. Simple typo. God will forgive me I'm sure. I could give a rats-ass about Mr. Diamond... but I guess you could just assume that. Right?


@ Free Britney,
Happy Holidays to you and family!! Could not help but laugh at the headline (Slick Move) and this story.
The last movie that I saw Stephen in was Fred Claus with Vince Vaughan.Stephen Baldwin was playing himself,along with other relatives of famous people who had issues with their famous relative's success. This story involving Kevin Costner who is credited with co-ownership of this invention only intensifies the fact that, time man build a better mouse trap,some rat will come along and try to steal it!!


@ Keith Diamond - Just because you just produced a long-winded anti-blasphemy rant against Free Britney and Robert, it doesn't give you an exemption from being considered an ASS-HOLE. That's right Jr. I said it. You make me want to puke. Did you even consider that the 'slightly wacko' and 'douchebag' comments were referring to Baldwin's public statement that he would rather see his daughter SHOT in lieu of her changing her faith? Did you VINCENT? You probably would just like to forget that little jewel Mr. Ford. Now take your lame ass over to Westboro Babtist Church and be a guest speaker. You and Phelps seem to have a lot in common!!!


Wow keith diamond... Wow... You have a lot to learn about science fiction novels! Just because YOU or the majority believe something doesn't make it true.


Kevin Costner is an extremely honest and trustworthy individual who worked tirelessly the last two decades to help protect the environment. Stephen Baldwin, however, is a no-talent hack who is basically trying to extort money to save his greedy bankrupt ass. Kevin was right to cut this moron loose. But this begs an even bigger question: We all know Stephen is one shady douchebag. But since Baldwin is bankrupt, where did he get the funds to invest? And did the bankruptcy court know about Baldwin's investments? Looks like Stephen Baldwin is gonna' be in a hell of a lot of trouble...

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