Staged Teen Mom Drama: Gary Shirley "Argues" About Clinton Yunker at Buffalo Wild Wings

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Is MTV's Teen Mom making like The Hills and playing up the drama for the cameras? Even staging it altogether? This new clip would strongly suggest so.

Amber Portwood's ex, Gary Shirley, got into an "argument" at Buffalo Wild Wings in Anderson, Ind., and wouldn't you know it, the cameras were there.

As we reported yesterday, Amber broke up with Clinton Yunker, her latest boyfriend, this week. As he celebrated his single status, Gary walked in ...

The video above, in which Gary argues with Clint's brother, shows him inciting other people in the restaurant and threatening to make them "famous."

Gary seems to know exactly what's going on, making you wonder if the whole thing is a setup to make money - and what other scenes that applies to.

Amber Portwood has told police the violence was "real" and that her beatings of Gary were not encouraged by the network, but we're a bit suspect.

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Complete trash, and I kinda feel like I just lost a couple of brain cells watching that..


Jordan seems to be friends with Gary for the fame. How do you bad mouth your "friend"...oh wait cause Gary is too nice and probably foots the bill so they can party.


Jordan Sanchez going into being a cameraman rather than a paramedic??? Plain and simple no one else wanted to be video taped. Tristin wanted Gary to quit running his mouth about Clint....sounded to me. I can't hear out of the speakers to this footage but I do know Jordan is obviously attempting publicity...and negative publicity at that. When individuals are sitting at an establishment where drinking is involved and someone video tapes them with their can cause quite a commotion. Hah, that was not staged. NEGATIVE PUBLICITY is all your causing Jordan




I don't think it's staged. This is most likely common and acceptable behavior in Anderson, Indiana.


what trash !!!!!!!!!!!!