Todd Palin to Go Dancing With the Stars?!

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Bristol Palin brought unprecedented buzz and ratings to Dancing with the Stars. So much so that the producers are dying to go back to that well once again.

This time they want Bristol's dad, Todd, who reportedly turned it down this season before Bristol joined. "They want him big time," a source told E! News.

Bye Bye Mike

This amid reports that Sarah forced her daughter to do the show. "They'd love Sarah herself, but that will never happen, so why not dad," the source said.

DANCING DUDE? Will Todd Palin follow in Bristol's footsteps?

The show is also after someone else connected with the 2008 GOP ticket: Meghan McCain, daughter of Arizona Senator and two-time presidential hopeful John.

If producers have their way, the family members of the McCain/Palin ticket would be competing against each another ... kind of like two years ago in a way.

Jennifer Grey was named the champion of Dancing with the Stars this season, but Bristol Palin and her surprise run to the finals got the most attention.

Will her snow machine racin' dad follow her (two-left-footed) lead?


I think this is just a feeler put out by Palins to keep their name in the news. Polls on the internet say that 75% of the posters would not vote for the First Dud. That's about the same that voted against Bristol so I guess that means that sarah would have to line up her fans to commit voter fraud again and we should expect Toad to be in the top three. I doubt that anyone who was even a faded, twinkling star would want to sign up for this Show after seeing what the Palins will do to get rid of any talent and to keep Bristol on week after week. Even the judges couldn't believe how deceitful Bristol and her family were. It's all about the money--and voting is an open invitation to cheating if you want to win bad enough. Disgusting!


I forgot to add in my previous posting, "I am totally sick of hearing the name palin!" Heaven help us! Enough is enough!
I may never watch DWTS again! The media uses her for the ratings I'm sure, but it's all balony!


DWTS..I thought it means the professionals dance with stars!
Bristol is not a star! Todd is not a star! Watching DWTS is not fun anymore for my family and friends. It became political...we watch the news for the politics!


Will these Palins ever get enough attention or money? I can just see it now: Sarah will get elected to higher office and will be making statements every hour about herself. She won't have cabinet members--instead she will have photographers, publicity agents, wardrobe and makeup people, speech writers, Facebook and twitter writers, and lawyers to handle all her questionable ethics complaints. Nothing will get done--as her focus will be on self-promotion. Ask any Alaskan--that is all she got accomplished while out half term Guv. And the first dud will also need wardrobe consultants and make-up staff and a special chair in her office so he can help her understand what is going on.


So Todd is a star because he is Mr. Mom? First we have Bristol who is no star and we are supposed to feel sorry for her because she grabbed the money but has no dancing ability and is shy. What will the excuse be for Mr. Mom--that he is unemployed and wants to come out but Sarah wants him to be discreet about being gay because it might hurt her political ambition? The Palins sure are good about keeping their hands out for money! The grifters are striking again. Gimmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeee.


Have nothing against gay men but as a southern man I've met more than one fella hiding his true sexual feelings inside of a heterosexual marriage, him working away from home to avoid the bedroom. I'll bet 50 years of spot on perfect gaydar Todd Palin is a gay man and I'll be watching to prove myself right or wrong.


If the qualifications for being on American TV were going buck naked while painted purple and balancing a rabid wolverine on one's head, then Sarah would be slathering family members down in paint and dragging out vicious animals for hats. The crowd will sicken of seeing her and her clan on every channel. Every freak show looses the appeal eventually and it will backfire on Dancing With The Stars.


i am sure most of the contestants are not republicans. why can't republicans have some fun too. i do. i wish you people who hate the right so much, just get over it and shut your ugly, hateful mouths up.


Why another Republican.. I do not mean Toddd Palin.. Hopefully he has way too much macho class to do this.. I mean they are also considering one of John McCain's daughters... Is Dancing with the Stars, being finanaced by Republican Party..


I heard Todd Palin has never said anything about Kim Kardashian's butt. I'm beginning to wonder if he is gay. This could mean Willow hates her own father?

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