Ronnie Ortiz Indicted For Jersey Shore Assault

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Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz (also known as Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Ronnie Magro) has been formally indicted by New Jersey grand jury on an assault charge.

The legal trouble for Ron stems from an episode from the MTV reality series. The title of the episode during with he cold-cocked Stephen Izzo? "One Shot."

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Ortiz faces up to five years in state prison for third-degree assault.

DOUCHE-TASTIC: And this was before his new tattoo!

The meathead “purposely or knowingly caused significant bodily injury to Stephen Izzo by striking in the face with a closed fist," the indictment reads.

Izzo is already suing Ortiz, MTV, Jersey Shore producers and the nightclub over the assault, which caused him to lose consciousness. Pretty bad stuff.

Not bad enough for the show to tone down the violence, of course. If these clips from Jersey Shore Season 3 are any indication, it's gonna be a wild winter.


Why don't u all shutup at least it wasn't u....fuck I kno people who have gotten killed by fights and shit and it was their faults....


um no, i'm not him. just know someone that went to jail because the guy he king hit fell backward and hit his head on the kerb and died. that's what made it scary to watch. no, noone deserves that...


Ok mog (money over guidos) stfu...that dude totally deserved it... u must be the idiot izzo himself or alliance... suckA


@free britney & hilton hater: you guys should also do a top 10 douche award! There have been plenty of douchenozzles this year ^_^


i was wondering how he got away with that. that was horrible. he could have killed the guy. noone deserves that.

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