Page Kennedy, Blue Mountain State QB, Hit With Restraining Order After Calling Sexual Audible

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Page Kennedy, who stars on Spike TV's Blue Mountain State, is accused of harassing a woman via text message after she shot down his advances.

Tiffany Muller was granted a temporary restraining order against Kennedy, who she says was a friend who wanted more, but "it didn't go there."

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Muller claims Kennedy, who she met in May, "tried to touch me and take my pants off and I would push his hands away and tell him to stop."

Muller fought and screamed until Kennedy "got exhausted and stopped," according to reports, but his sexting harassment of her continues unabated.

The accuser claims she has received a barrage of harassing messages from Kennedy via text message, Twitter, iChat and BlackBerry Messenger.

Talk about persistent!

Kennedy, who denies wrongdoing, was fired from Desperate Housewives in 2005 after alleged sexual misconduct. His character remained on DH, but was replaced with a different actor a la Victoria in Eclipse, which is always awkward.

Dude also played U-Turn on Weeds. That was just hilarious.