MTV to Unleash Snooki on NYC New Year's Eve

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Friggin' Snooki.

Who better to ring in the New Year with? Who better to be placed inside a ball and dropped on live TV to boot? No one, at least in MTV's eyes.

Snookie Pic

The orange Jersey Shore star, who once went by the name of Nicole Polizzi, will be ushering in 2011 from inside the network's New Year's Eve ball.

BALLER: With the tiny Snooks on board, the MTV ball will be lowered into the Atlantic Ocean and never heard from again. Just kidding. Wishful thinking there.

Just before midnight, the pickle freak will descend upon Times Square.

"I'm gonna be like a friggin' hamster," she said. "It's the first time they've done it. I'm not sure how it's going to work, but I think it'll be fine."

She should be. If there were any real danger, the network would have done a test run on Angelina Pivarnick. If that went awry, no big thing.


the only good appearance "snooki" has made so far is the one she made on South makes me sick that people will put any "thing" on tv that brings ratings....


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