JWoww Nude Photos on the Loose?

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Looks like JWoww's legal fight with her ex is about more than money.


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    How are we all jealous? LMFAOOO


    she looks good, but what did she look like before surgery? LMFAO! now thats fucked.. totally.


    Your clearly all jealous and have nothing better to do than to bash someone that has been blessed with positive things in her life, just because your life sucks!!baha and shes gorgeous!! And who really cares if she has nude photos..I guarntee that most of you have done something crazy in the bedroom whether it be a video or photo and if not, your lame as fuck lmao!! Maybe she should write a book about sex tips!


    @Monkey: You can say whtever the FUCK you want to say but others have opinions too and you shouldn't judge them..they are celebs and want fame and if that is what they choose so then be it! And it seems like your life is worthless these days just because your up to date with these comments. Like she said go get a job


    TO Hailey and Nikki: Obviously you WHORES are so offened by my comments probably because you are just like the rest of those sluts on that show and feel like I was TALKIN TO YOU BUT I WASN'T was I?? They are called OPINIONS and I can SAY WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT SO GO FUCK YOUSELVES!! Shouldn't you two be out on the corner making your money instead of trying to defend your worthless lives??!!


    >Monkey: Get the fuck out of here..you clearly watch the show and most of the girls on that show don't look any better..so stop commenting on stupid shit and do something more productive with you time..go get a job or something. And the only reason why I am commenting is because someone needs to set ppl like you straight


    To Monkey: First of all your the one who said she looks like a washed up old stripper..is there any need to say tht? uh NO wht shes doing is wrong no doubt, but this shit shouldnt effect you..it aint your body its hers thts all im saying and you have nothing better to do with your life so get over it thats my point!


    To Nikki: Oh yea, great comeback you really made your point here!! Maybe ppl like you and her should really think about your future before spreading your legs to the world to see and then bitching about it. You made your bed now lie in it...and rot!


    Extra heavy duty lifters on that bike! Custom order to keep that lard ass afloat!


    Just one word..HATERS!!=D

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