Hulk Hogan Security Guard on Photographer Confrontation: My Bad!

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Hulk Hogan got married to Jennifer McDaniel yesterday, a joyous occasion that was marred by an unusual incident:

During the ceremony, a security guard for the Hulkster confronted a photographed named Robert Martinez and asked him to stop snapping pictures. Martinez replied: "You're in my space and I'm carrying a gun."

Hulk and Brooke Photo

As you might expect, such a response created mass panic and led to the involvement of the Clearwater Police Department.

Now, the security guard in question is apologizing for his role in the incident.

“I’m sorry it happened. It wasn’t meant to be in a bad way," Ron Howard told Radar Online. “I just wanted to politely ask the gentleman what he was doing because he looked very suspect, and I didn’t want anyone ruining my friend’s wedding so I just went out there on my own."

In a hilariously boneheaded move, the Martinez actually videotaped the fracas. You can watch it unfold at TMZ.

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