Happy Birthday, Jasmine Villegas!

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Be nice, Justin Bieber fans.

Singer Jasmine Villegas turns 17 today and the question is whether or not readers will be able to look past their jealousy and send in happy wishes to this young star.

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Yes, she has made out with Bieber. And, yes, these two had fun in Hawaii together. But can anyone blame Jasmine? Would anyone act differently if given the chance? Since these incidents, Bieber has said he's single, so Jasmine won't be celebrating her birthday alongside that shaggy-haired stud.

But we hope she manages to have a great day nonetheless!

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HAPPY BDAY Jasmine Villegas i no its all late but i been trying to say that to u all day im one of your biggest fans i luv u!!!!


Happy bday jasmine i know im said it all late but i been trying to find o ut all day how to say happy bday to u cuz im one of your biggest fans


HaPPY BIRTHDAY JASMIN VILLEGAS i love you im one of ur biggest fans!!!! Just dont care about what other people say about u just ignore them


i love, u,


hi!! Jass love you!! Mahal na mahal kita...


hi! jasmine


belated happy b-day to all and me for this coming april 30 im 14


dunno about jasmine but justin is certainly a slut , kissing and all a girl and fooling (even though there is no need) beliebers so that he can still have plenty of fake votes to win awards


H-BDAY GOD BLESS jasmine u're my idol don't shutting down for the haters u are the best jamino! mahal kita


people say that Jasmine is a slut and stuff, but when u think about it she's 17! she's allowed to wear whateva she wants and if people hate what she wears thats really dumb cas most girls wear worse stuff than her and are 14 and stuff.