Spotted in Hawaii, in Bathing Suits: Justin Bieber & Jasmine Villegas

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Soon, ladies, you'll be able to wear Justin Bieber on your fingernails.

But this may be the closest the singer will ever get to your heart, as his relationship with Jasmine Villegas is heating up... literally!

As previously reported, Justin invited Jasmine to tour with him in Hawaii. But the pair has been doing more than just singing, most recently hanging out on a catamaran with Jaden Smith. Tweeted the Biebs:

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MTV has a photo of the couple in bathing suits, which fans can view here if they can stomach the pain.

Bieber (and, yes, Villegas) will soon leave Hawaii and continue their world tour in another country. Where will they turn up next?

"I'm really gonna miss Hawaii. it is awesome here. but not complaining...haha. See u guys soon," Justin wrote.

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What kind of bathing suit it Bieber wearing?


hey!!!!guys...wake up why you are so angry with your eyes jesmen is pretty than selena ....i dont like selena for justin...selena is flirt!!!!!stop jasmen...!!!


Who cares? -_-


I dont even have a crush on Justin but i still dont like her.. I cant put my finger on why.. I just dont !
But tbh.. I think she is using him.. But she isnt the smartest bulb in the box because she may become more known yes.. but if she is dating justin.. Girls are gonna Hate her !


Why will justin date jasmine. I mean that wierd. But ok as long as they are hapi


Justin wants to date jasmine v well he can but just saying he should date a fan . well its up to him. jasmine is only using him to get more popularity and if he lets her doo that .girls arent gonna star liking him bue hating hhhhhhhgf bnv


I think that it's justin choose so if he wannas to date her so be it but she is a bad song


come on wake up u know jasmine is using u to become more popular and to get her album to sell before she was in the baby vid we didn't know who the heck she was wake up justin


hey guys the girl is a bitch that's useing him... c'mon justin WAKE UP!!!!!!



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