Fans Irate Over Michael Jackson Autopsy Special

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Michael Jackson fans are not pleased with the idea of the late King of Pop's autopsy being reenacted on TV, calling the concept an "affront to human dignity."

No arguments from THG there.

The Discovery Channel is planning on broadcasting a gruesome reenactment of MJ's autopsy in the UK next month, sending many Jackson fans into a tizzy.

Fans have already gotten nearly 1,500 signatures demanding that the network nix the special, entitled simply and gruesomely Michael Jackson's Autopsy.

The fans behind the petition call the documentary offensive and add that "This type of sensational and unscrupulous reporting can only cause harm."

They conclude: “We ask the directors of the Discovery Channel programming to proceed with the outright cancellation of this indecent documentary.”

Hopefully they succeed. In much more uplifting Michael news, watch his new music video - a duet with Akon on "Hold My Hand" after the jump!


you are so right there's nothing wrong with exploiting someones death. I say that we should reenact Princess Diana's autopsy, and while we're at it Mother Tereasa, and don't forget Elvis, oh then Marilyn Monroe, lets do them all since none of them deserve privacy in death. Oh wait is it only MIchael that doesnt deserve privacy and dignity in death. I forgot about that.You can say whatever you want about us, his fans, but we will not have Michael disrespected in death as he was in life.Americans are not the only people who feel this way(,very prejudice by the way),Michael is loved by millions and millions around the world.We won't stop defending him no matter what names we are called or how we are put down so deal with it.


Is this site only read by people that are a few apples short of a barrel? In case you haven't quite grasped it, this programme will be a re-enactment, it does not contain any real life footage of Michael Jackson being cut up!!! You odd Americans.
The autopsy is freely available to read, and as no-one has seen the programme yet one can only imagine that there is a doctor there to help explain what each of the findings means. If you lot also actually saw or read any proper news you would have seen that the medical examiner involved in the real autopsy has refused to participate in this programme.
Get a grip the lot of you!


To take a sweet,beautiful,honorable,talented,humble,kind,compasionate,good person and remind everybody about the worst time of his life every time you get a chance is one thing. This man has helped so many people he has literaly saved peoples lives and now they want to show him being cut up on TV? I can't even begin to say how many levels that is so wrong. We get fake albums and interviews with"friends" who want to make a buck off of this wonderful human being. What will be the last straw? Selling his BODY parts on ebay? My God LEAVE HIM ALONE! i HAVE BOYCOTTED $ONY AND i WILL BOYCOTT ANY PERSON,COMPANY,NETWORK ETC. THAT EXPLOITS MICHAEL,HIS MUSIC,HIS CHILDREN AND HIS FANS ANDI HOPE ANY OTHER FAN THAT READS THIS WILL JOIN ME BECAUSE THIS S**T HAS TO STOP!ALL MICHAEL EVER ASKED FROM US IS L.O.V.E. AND LOYALTY AND HE HAS MINE ALWAYSAND COMPLETELY. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL FOREVER SEE YOU SOON.


Not only is it outrageous; it's illegal for a doctor, especially the Florida based medical examiner who is reported to be "hosting" this event, to discuss the medical records of anyone, including Michael Jackson. Everyone write to Discovery Channel, Discovery Communications, google addresses and emails if you have to but let this protest spread far and wide b/c it's just a very short time before this monstrosity migrates onto YouTube, and into the LA area where the trial of Dr. Murray will be held (if ever it is held); Discovery is poisoning the jury pool, so let your voices be heard. If we don't stop this, where will it ever end?


where in the hell is his family at now? r they doing anything to stop this? leave michael alone now.. some people and the media beat him down while he was alive,now in death they just won't leave him alone. (shame on them)


thats sick of discovery channel. that degrading to him and is unpleasent to see. i dont think any michael jackson fans want to be reminded of his death anyways.


This is appalling. Why is this woman so obsessed with Michal Jackson? The autopsy report is on line in full for anyone who wants to read, why do we need a tv special. Why would anyone want to watch it? Why would anyone want to watch that kind of show about anyone. Opry is determined to prove he was a drug addict, despite what the official autopsy report says, I wonder if the show will be full of lies to support what she believes; most likely. I'm sorry she is in the Discovery Channel now. I will never watch it again.


I do not accept this!!
disrespectful to Michael Jackson and his very serious I am totally against


Please don't do this to MJ and his fans, He has children for God's sake. I would not want this done to my worse enemy. LEAVE MJ ALONE!!!


this is gross and sick and i hope discovery channel get what's coming 2 them 4 this and media as well i can't stand media 4 what they did to him they killed him michael wasn't only rob of his child hood but he was rob of alot things ! and this has 2 stop im sick of the media bashing this man jeez his dead already! what more do u want!

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