Jenn Sterger Pics, Brett Favre Scandal Prompt NFL Investigation

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Yesterday, a report (complete with audio and photos) suggested that NFL legend Brett Favre was calling and texting graphic photos of his junk to Jenn Sterger.

Today, the NFL is investigating the story to determine its legitimacy and whether to take action against the constantly un-retiring Minnesota Vikings shot-caller.

The allegations against Brett Favre, then the New York Jets quarterback, are that he sent racy messages and photographs of his package to a sideline reporter.

Jenn Sterger Image

Oddly, the Vikings play the Jets this week. Asked Thursday to address the report, Favre said: "I'm not getting into that. I've got my hands full with the Jets."

According to Deadspin, when he was with the Jets last time, he also had his hands full ... with his wang and a cellphone. Sorry, that was low. Yet maybe true.

In fairness to Brett, there's no confirmed connection between the (alleged) Favre texts and pics sent to Jenn Sterger, who hasn't accused him directly, either.

The NFL may conclude, upon reviewing the report and accompanying video, that it's all a hoax perpetrated by the "third party" who obtained the pics. But ...

If this is a hoax, let's just say it's an elaborate one. Getting a Mississippi cell, taking voice lessons, and implicating Jets handlers just to eff with Jenn Sterger?

If you listen to the voicemails (below), Sterger certainly believed it to be him, as did others. Deadspin must too, otherwise they'd be risking a huge lawsuit.

You don't defame someone like Brett Favre for kicks. If he comes out and proves this wasn't him, they'd could be in trouble, but we don't see it happening.

Here are the voicemails in question (sorry, no pics) ...

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WHO CARES??what rubbish. Famous quarterback handsome dip groupie. I thought we got over this silliness back with Joe Namath. Give me sanity. This is 2010. I would be upset if Favre was bonking ten times the babettes Joe did!!!!!!


WHO CARES??what rubbish. Famous quarterback handsome dip groupie. I thought we got over this silliness back with Joe Namath. Give me sanity. This is 2010. I would be upset if Favre was bonking ten times the babettes Joe did!!!!!!


Hmmmmm...... well, I have to agree that lil Miss Jenn held on to those pics and messages for a reason. No one who has good intentions saves that shit for years. She was waiting for a good opportunity to kick him in the teeth. I hope she gets nothing. To me, it sounds like Brett got 'nothing' too. LMAO. Seems fair to me!! Good luck getting future jobs & friends Jenn, nobody will ever trust you now.


Brett Farve is my hero - Jen is smoking and I can only hope he hammered her like a railway spike. what's the over/under on 15 more whores coming out of the woodwork??? ( I've got a buck says yes )


You think farve thinks he deserves everything? You ever seen him play a game? He's 40+ and gets knocked down every play, the guy has heart, whether he did this or not, he does not believe in getting handed anything.


Brett is nothing but a scumbag punk, i hope you loose all you endorsements and your wife gets rid of you. People lost respect when you left Green Bay and then you play tag with what ever will take you, well now no one respects you and no one want you, stop pulling everyone's leg letting them think you are a good guy, YOU ARE A SCUNBAG piece of crap. i hope the jets hurt you real bad...


She is just out for the money grab. Or this would of come out in 2008.....Why else would she still have the pictures and voice mails from 2 yrs ago?


I do not follow football, but belive innocent until proven guilty Has anyone given the thought to applications that can copy someone voice. Isn't there an application out there were you can talk and sound like someone else?? Regards to picsPeople have pictures all over the internet, someone can just find them and copy.


Shes a typical Skank that want to get her 15 minutes. I cant stand girls like that. Where is the nastiest Skank of them all Attorney Gloria Allred I'm sure she will be on the scene soon. To Brett you know better!! Never ever send texts or leave voice mail messages hell for that matter no phone conversations only talk in person only after you patted her down for wires. Unfortunatly its what you have to these days with these sneaky wenches. but she is hot so I don't blame you.


As a Milwaukeean, we know Brett is no angel. He was getting blow jobs in downtown bars 15 years ago. I'm surprised it took this long for something to happen.