Celebrity Hair Affair: Emma Stone Goes Blonde!

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Looks like Andrew Garfield won't be the only change coming to Spider-Man.

That British actor, and star of The Social Network, will take on the title role in the next installment of this franchise, as it reboots itself and focuses on a younger version of Peter Parker.

Emma Stone has also landed a key role in the movie, taking over the character of Gwen Stacy from Bryce Dallas Howard. And she'll do so with blonde hair.

Compare the redhead's new look with her former one below and sound off on which you prefer.

Which Hairstyle Looks Best?

Emma Stone has dyed her red hair blonde for a role in the new Spider-Man movie. Which color do you prefer on this rising star? View Poll ยป


I Like Emma Stone no matter what she does i will all ways love her.


She has such a delicate, pretty face & clear skin--she doesn't need to hide under fake tan & run-of-the-mill-blonde hair! Hope she reverts back to red as soon as the movie wraps!


Actually her natural hair color isn't even red. It's dirty blonde. But I like it best red.


she looks like lindsey lohan when sh is blond


Blonde hair makes her look younger, but I like her better with red hair because it's more unique in Hollywood.

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