Celebrity Hair Affair: Cher

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Thanks to her role in Burlesque, Cher is back in the news these days.

The 64-year old singer/actress co-stars in that musical alongside Christina Aguilera, which means she's touring the globe for a number of premieres this month. And getting critiqued in the process.

At a recent UK event, for example, Cher showed up with a fiery new look. Compare it to her former, darker style and vote now:

Which Hairstyle Looks Best?

Cher is back in the news... but for a good reason? What do you think of her fiery, wavy hair compared to her typically darker, straigher locks? View Poll ยป


Ew barf this old bag is so gross! Is this Heidi's idol or something? Cher is so fake its disgusting. I wonder what dhe would look like if she didn't have plastic surgery once a month?


The flaming red hair reminds me of (Hart to Hart's) Stephanie Powers back in the day.


She is trying to distract your attention so you don't notice that her face is rubber and doesn't have any expressions anymore.

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