Camille Grammer Feels "Completely Abandoned" by Kelsey

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For someone who describes herself as a "very private person," Camille Grammer is doing a lot of public talking these days.

The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills is especially open about ex-husband Kesley Grammer, who left her soon after she agreed to a role on the Bravo reality series. In an interview with People, Camille says it's lucrative "cathartic" to discuss the divorce, as she does in detail via the following excerpts...

Camille Grammer in Vegas

How did she learn she'd been dumped?
In June I got a phone call from a mutual friend in New York who was upset by behavior of his that she'd seen... I texted him again and he wrote: "I don't want to talk." I wrote, "We've been together for 14 years; I deserve an explanation." Finally, three hours later, he called me. He basically said, "I don't want to be married anymore."

How did she react?
I asked him if there was anything we could work on. I offered to go to therapy. Having children, I wasn't ready to throw in the towel. But his mind was already made up. I started crying and he said, "Oh, grow up." I said, "What about our children?" and he said, "They'll get over it." It was harsh.

How does she feel now?
I feel completely abandoned. I feel dismissed. This all happened very quickly for me. We don't even speak. He doesn't want to. For me, having two children together, it's very important that the two of us communicate. He only wants to communicate via e-mail, through our lawyers or a therapist who acts as a mediator. 

How have the kids reacted?
They still don't realize he's not coming back. They think their daddy is busy doing a play. I'm trying to work with them on the concept that he's not going to come home the way they think he is.


I feel that we do not know what really happened behind the scences as far as behavior between the two and of each (fully)but I do think from seeing the Beverly Hills housewives show that I did see it coming because of the peculiar behavior of Kelsey on the show. I said to my husband that I felt he didn't love her anymore and watch they will get divorced. I did feel however that Camille has been starved for attention by her behavior and I don't blame her. I do feel sorry for her eventhough she may have her faults but we all do. I think I have no I have lost alot of respect for Kelsey with his selfish and classless behavior he could have handled it much better.


How can this hore feel abandoned, she is all over her "friend" Rick who show up in Las Vegas, in NY and everywhere she is?
We were not born yesterday Camille...remember the Sultan of Brunei?


She said said has a Jesus complex and helps people! Gag! Puke! Vomit!


this grammer woman needs to be treated like she treats everyone else,she thinks she is so hot... didnt she say that whoever reacts badle or loudly when confronted looses? now i understanding she wont shut up or stop crying over this. yes she deserves this, i think the only other woman on these housewives shows that is worse than she is is danielle from new jersey, and she has an excuse...excuse me... new jersey? she cant help it...


Pleaseeeeeeeeeee, someone remind me why we are making this vain, phony boitch famous. If she reads this she would probably say I am jealous because people like her always think people are "jealous" of them. No love, may not be rich but I am sooo much HOTTER than you. You're OLD:)and can't keep your man:)


Camille is so alone, with her army of servants, nannies and hired friends and money. Did I forget to mention her children. Oh yeah, they don't count. Only the nannies see them. They probably only see their parents 2 x's a year anyway. Boo hoo Camille.


Is he looking for another child babysitter?


I had an affair for 8 years but i do nor have child withother woman
I think having affair with younger woman is excited But not too long you get bore after time. I lost the love and trust of my wife Eva my 3 children i did not what i had now is lost


I also Had cheated my wife of 20 years it was an affair for 8 years my wife had forgive me but not child.
What can I do to gain trust back
And love again please help
In regards camilla there is a child on the way with a younger woman. We don't know what we have until we loose it.


It is true that Kelsey did a bad thing.....but something tells me she deserves it. On The Real Housewives of BH, she is truely aweful. She is always eluding to the idea that she is cheating & her life is SOOOOOooooooo fabulous. I hope you knows where to get a slice of humble pie.

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