Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh: Engaged!

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This ought to give Camille Grammer even more ammunition against her ex...

Kelsey Grammer is engaged to girlfriend Kayte Walsh, despite the fact that his divorce from Camille isn't even finalized yet. Confirms the actor's rep:

Tamera Mowry, Adam Housley

“They are engaged. They never really announced it, they are very happy and very much in love."

Kelsey and Camille were married for 14 years, have two kids together and divorced in July. A month later, it was announced that Walsh was pregnant with Kelsey's baby, although she suffered a miscarriage in early October.

Don't worry if you're short on details, though: the Grammers' divorce will be chronicled on upcoming episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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so lisa is so iurmtmae that she needs to go after anybody who knows cedric? like her life’s goal is to ostracize cedric? get over him, lisa.kyle, why do u need to hate on brandi? and taylor jumping in on the hate-fest, oh brother.


thumbs up if you think that demi ltvaoo needs her own program caldSONNY? WITH A CHANce <33333333333333333333


This new chick is not half as beautiful as Camille. He just wants something younger and new. He will get bored with the new one and then want Camille back but Camille will be over it and be in the arms of a new hot somthing her self. Kelsey, You are a retard!


The only problem here is Kelsey Grammar...What a pitiful excuse for a man...and a father. He is certainly no role model.


She could have been the witch from OZ but he was married and having an affair,and knocked up the other woman,No respect for marriage. I hope she(camille) gets a huge settlement,and he deserves to have his shows boycotted for the ass he is .Dirty dirty ,dirty. So typical of men in that age group, selfish,childish pigs.Men have some respect for yourselves, seriously..


So much for Camilles comment that Kyle's husband was on a lower pecking order. What husband? It shows that a nasty unmaternal woman isn't going to receive much sympathy. I mean what do you expect you can not be bother to take care of, or even have your own children. Doesn't she have like 5 nannys for 2 kids. I'm suprised she lasted this long at least his fiancé seems maternal enought to want to give birth to her own children. Camille seems selfish and elitest. She makes me sick!!!!!!


Camille is unstable and insane but it doesn't mean she doesn't deserve a respectful end to 14 yrs of marriage to and a somewhat unstable man.


I ams oh so glad Kelsey smoothly got that crazy woman out of his life, she is so fake it is unreal. did you see how he treated her when they went to the play and she went backstage, I'll bet his girl was there then and why didn't Allison see that coming she is a medium, who was her friend then, i think Allison was reading Camille's life.


camille is brutal. at first i thought kelsey was a cad. how wise was he to encourage her to do her reality show? now EVERYONE can see how she is. i cannot believe he lasted 14 years. poor guy probly just wants some peace and normalcy.
anyone see the show when camille was slamming her cast mates and calling her makeup artist and hair dresser her "real" friends? sad.


We can hardly blame Camille for enjoying the pampered lifestyle he provided her, but what a sleazy way to break the news to her!! This man is going to go broke if he keeps getting married!