Alexis Neiers Ordered to Rehab; Jail Next?

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L.A. Superior Court Judge Peter Espinoza ordered alleged reality TV star Alexis Neiers to one year of residential drug treatment (rehab) at a hearing today.

He threatened to throw the Pretty Wild star behind bars if she violates her probation again like she did with her recent black tar heroin arrest, reports say.

Prior to the ruling, Neiers' lawyer put it all out there for the court: "My client has an addiction to heroin. We would like you to sentence her accordingly."

PRETTY STUPID WILD: Alexis Neiers beat the rap for now.

Judge Espinoza agreed, but warned her: "If you violate probation again, and come back for another violation, you are going to state prison for two years."

Neiers, 19, was on probation in the first place after pleading no contest to first degree residential burglary as part of the Burglar Bunch (a.k.a. Bling Ring).

She'll forever be a part of our celebrity mug shots gallery.


Im sick and tired of california and celebs what kind of a system is this? ... The normal person wouldnt get a sympathetic rehab theyed get prision!!! Bling ring, possesion of heroin, who said she needs to catch up to lilo? ...


this girl better take this serious before she ends up like Lindsey, she's not far behind her


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