Adam Lambert and Allisan Porter Duet: Listen Now!

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Adam Lambert has hit the home stretch in his Glam Nation tour.

The THG favorite and former American Idol finalist played a show last night at the Henry Fonda Music Box in Los Angeles and brought a special guest to the stage for a duet on "Aftermath."

Below, you can watch Alisan Porter - who opened the show with her band, The Canyons - sing alongside Lambert on a single she actually co-wrote. Looks like she had a bright career ahead of herself, doesn't she?


His fans voted for it and tho I don't like best of s list cuz its usually phony bluhslit, I do think Adam IS sexy. Not everyone agrees but the ones who do voted.Why is he sexy? First of all talent and confidence are always sexy, so even fuglies like mick jagger were sex symbols. He is a beautiful person, inside and out, he is freakin gorgeous to look at (evidence below) but has other sexy qualities like being smart, honest, kind, generous and funny and definately does not take himself seriously at all.and on stage he is a sexy beast!! and PS just look at poll, what the hell was his competition springsteen sexy at 60? chris brown #3 sexy while beating the shit out of you? and #2 a jobro? that's just all kinds of wrong!!


I bought the DVD of the ... Ten Commandments: The Musical ... in which both ADAM 'n Alisan appeared with Val Kilmer. ADAM and Alisan stood out head 'n shoulders above the rest of the cast VOCALLY ... they 'stole' the show. If any two voices were meant for a duet ... it is ADAM and Alisan. I hope ADAM includes Alisan on his next album. They'd be GREAT ... IMO


they both can sing really well...haha and they are great singing together


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