Yes, Source Confirms, Kim Kardashian is Dating Gabriel Aubry!

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It was more than just a random sighting at a Lakers game, sources say. Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubry really are an item!

A couple days after cameras caught the reality star alongside Halle Berry's ex, an insider tells Us Weekly "they met through friends and have been dating a few weeks."

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Another person claiming to be in the know elaborated a bit to Life & Style:

"Kim and Gabriel met a few times while they were both in New York, and there was definitely chemistry. But when Kim returned to Los Angeles last Thursday, they really took it to the next level. They went out to dinner, caught the Lakers game and spent time at Kim's house."

This source says Aubry has already met Kim's mother and sisters, all of whom are "wild" about him. We guess there's only one thing left to decide then, readers: Kubry? Gardashian? These two need a nickname, stat!


Honestly, I can imagine them popping out amazing looking kids. he's way hotter than reggie or ray j. HAHHA


Kim a natural beauty hahahahahahahahaha
She has more plastic body parts than Mrs Potato head!!
Before I get called a hater (smdh) I think KIm was pretty too but she is no way natural! Her sister Kourtney now is a lot prettier and more natural minus the hair extentions


Bebot i agree with you on the Halle Berry part, she is totally gorgeous Gabriel must have lost his mind to let her go!!! But there were women before Kim who made curvy sexy eg J Lopez, Beyonce, Salma Hayek. I dont have a problem with Kim I choose not to watch her shows etc but to me when she 1st appeared she used to be very pretty however she ruined her natural prettiness with all that plastic surgery she looks like a walking wax figure of her former self


I think she should have totally snagged SHENGO. SHENGO = UBER-HOTNESS. Gabriel Aubry's douchiness or lack of douchiness is questionable to me- you have to be pretty conceited to let go of HALLE BERRY. As for Kim, I am a fan. Dunno why the haters hate her. She really has paved the way for sexy voluptousness, real women with real curves and bodies. What a great role model. The most popular woman who came just before her was Paris Hilton, influencing hundreds of thousands of young women to aspire to be skin and bones and for an impossible body image. Kim Kardashian is voluptous, non skinny, non blonde and gorgeous...a real woman.


Lol Junior. You’re speaking of Kim as if the elasticity of her cooch hasn’t been stretched out to the extreme by countless athletes and rappers……puh-lease. I’m sure she’ll put a whole new kind of taste into his mouth.


Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel Kim is not the kind of woman you want around your young innocent daughter, Kim will be teaching her how to suck d!ck on camera to be famous before the poor little girl can string a sentance together - not a good move my man!! BTW people call Kim a slut because she became famous for leaking her sex tape for fame and sleeping with various D listers to make a name for herself




well she might change to white guys i guess she can't find a good black man because she had sex with all of them so maybe this one might be the one .


Yeah you guys, Janes right. Hopefully they will turn out like Kris and Bruce. She'll pop out some kids, make them famous and live off them (like Kris). And he'll sit around completely clueless and pussy whipped, with a plastic face (like Bruce). And who gives a fuck about the black or white thing? It's 2010, date and bone who ever in the fuck you want. Me, I appreciate woman of all color and size. You are all beautiful to me. Ignorance is the obstacle we have to overcome in order to move forward in our lives. PS. I am a Whiteboy with girth.


@THG: Haha. I think it was the enthusiasm of the exclamation mark in the headline that was the deal breaker for the article. KIM KARDASHIAN IS DATING GABRIEL AUBRY!
An exclamation mark in such a place can only mean one of two things:
1) There has been some kind of take over in the HG offices that us avid followers were unaware of, with the core opposers of Trashdashian forced out in some kind of political coup, and from now on, Kim Hodashian's future articles will be written with enthusiasm and glee, topped off with overly enthusiastic exclamation marks. WE LOVE KIM! KIM ROCKS! KIM EATS A ROCK!
2) The regular good folk who work at HG were all sick that day, and as a result, a substitute worker was given the responsibility of writing an article on Kim Boredashian, and, not knowing the drill, wrote an article which appeared, by all accounts, to support Kim.

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