Report: Demi Lovato is Rehabbing in Illinois

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Demi Lovato is receiving treatment at a facility outside of Chicago.

Gossip Center spies say they saw the singer's family members at Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center over the weekend, which is located in Lemont, Illinois.

Mice and Demi

Information about patients is kept private, of course, but the facility's website says residents get involved in local causes at "nursing homes, animal shelters, children's hospitals and veteran's organizations.

"Volunteer work is an important part of residential treatment because it reinforces the ability to connect with others," reads the site. "It also helps them realize that they are not the only ones who face lifelong challenges and need the assistance of others in this world to live a healthy and fulfilling life."

Makes sense to us.

We continue to wish Demi very well, and continue to hope her father learns to shut up about his daughter. We'd welcome a fight between Patrick Lovato and Michael Lohan, wouldn't you?


Omg, i hope she getz well soon. I love her, shez my fav after selena. We will be there 4 u gurl.


No one is perfect, So people should not expect Demi or any other famous person to be. No one has the right to pass judgment on anyone else, The important thing is that she is seeking the help she needs to get better."yonelz" looks like you need a refresher course in English. Smh.


Omg ur in illinois that where I live get better soon


Demi I never knew u wud do such thing I mean u.....out of all people SOME KIND OF SINGER ND ACTOR YOU ARE PSHSHSHSSSSSS


That treatment center is right down the street from my house. My friends and I were thinking about making cards and just putting them out front and hopefully the word would get back to her somehow....? what she needs right now is time to recollect herself and knowing that her fans support her and wish her best.


Poor demi does anyone give her a break of she needs help than she does


Unbelievable. Demi Lovato needs help for self esteem issues that had gone untreated and caused a breakdown. Her family knows how vulnerable she is, and that she doesn't need spies following her around to find out exactly where she is receiving treatment. This is not what she needs. Leave her alone and let professionals help treat her issues and save her life. Stop meddling and prying, and then talking about how her dad meddles or pries. Stop. Stop. Stop. Unbelievable.


Just let the poor kid get the help she needs and let's stop analyzing it. No wonder people go into rehab when they are followed around like prey.

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