Taylor Swift Speaks on 50 Cent, Turning 21 and More

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Taylor Swift and Chelsea Handler have something in common: an affection for 50 Cent.

But while the latter may possess carnal knowledge of this rapper, the former simply likes his music.

"When we're on tour, we have all three girls - the backup singer, the fiddle player, and me in one room - and we all warm up to 50 Cent music," Taylor told Chelsea during an interview this week. "It would be surprising how many lyrics I know."

Later in the discussion, talk turned to Swift's 21st birthday. It takes place on December 13.

"I'll get to go to the concerts that my friends go to and leave me at home for," she said. "It's sort of like 'Oh, we can't bring the baby because it's a 21 and over show.' I don't want to be that girl where you like try to get in somewhere where you're too young to get in."

In conclusion, Swift dished on what it's been like to live by herself for the first time.

"Living alone you can do so many fantastic things, I've learned! You can like, walk around have conversations with yourself, and like sing your thoughts."


Hey I love Taylor Swift she is my romodel!!!!!!
I hope Taylor had a good b-day and Sara girl you know nothing!!!!!!


@gary the reason i said that because she was downing on britney spears for going to club i love britney i guess i don't like taylor swift is because she is not my time britney spears is and taylor swift said she is not a trianwrack just watch she will one day it will hit her.


I hope that she will continue to keep her good image.


@Sara, seriously you leave the dumbest comments sometimes. Who gives a shit if she goes to clubs? She will be 21, she can do whatever in the fuck she wants. Or is it because you're jealous you post comments like this? What's wrong Sara, no one will take you to the club? Ok, give me your number, I'll take you.


This is THE MOST exciting news I've ever heard about her. She's a lil' boring for me, but a great role model for the kids, I quess.


ok she is turning 21 in dec 13 watch she will start going to clubs


Dear Swifty, WOW~this was SO terrific~just like your electric performance last night!!! :) I'd SO love to meet you someday, SOON!!! But, until then: Happy B-day Sweetheart!!! :D :) Sincerely,
Noah Hogan

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