Taylor Lautner Meets Famous Father of New Girlfriend

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I can feel it coming in the air tonight, Oh Lord.
And I've been waiting for this moment for all my life, Oh Lord... - Phil Collins, "In the Air Tonight"

It's unclear if Taylor Lautner experienced such excitement over this past weekend, but sources confirm to Marie Claire that the actor met the aforementioned British singer at some point over the last few days. For what reason?

Abduction Poster

He's the father of Taylor's new girlfriend, Lily Collins.

"[Phil is] pretty tough on the guys Lily introduces him to," an insider said. "Taylor was nervous about meeting him, but they got along well."

Lautner and his new gal pal met on the set of Abduction. Directed by John Singleton, this thriller revolves around Taylor's character, who sets out to uncover the truth after discovering a baby photo of himself listed on a missing persons website.


if the same thing happened beweten kristen and rob..you people would have said such a cute couple now that its kristen and taylor you guys are saying brother and sister i think taylor kristen and rob are all just good/close friends since they have been through similar situations during twilighti dont think there is something called robsten in this world they are just friends who at times flirt and they are good that way


Hi tay i sink u got wat u deserve i mean it's ur choice so kepp loving her. we 've 2 let peoples 2 make zer own choice.zis not ze matter of being buty or ugly just diving people crazy by love zis is all she got.


hey i thought taylor was going out with selena gomez but his girlfriend is really pretty


i nvr really cared abt lks bt cm on Taylor wt do u c in lily???


omg....... tay u deserve someone better......than her


Taylor you can do much better she only likes you for your delicious abs go out with someone like me love you


Wow... this reminds me of Jr. High School! Eyebrows? What the hell??? Who cares about some ones EYEBROWS if they are enjoyable to be with? You all need to get out of your 'boxes' and start seeing the REAL world, as in, people are beautiful for WHO they are... NOT how they look. EEK!! I am appauled! Grow up or go somewhere else to post where you are all the same, self-centered, snotty, bit***!!! Taylor, you just enjoy yourself and your life.


he can be with anyone he wants to be with i just like the character he plays on twilight


Taylor u r gorgeous u need to get back wt selena or Taylor swift because I think lily Collins is ok bt not good enough for u. U and Selena r perfect for each other. I think shebe much better off dating u than dating that GIRL JUSTIN BEIBER!!!!!!!


Ok she's ok i guess but i mean come on Tay, look at her shes shes i cant even put it into words Tay deserves way better what ever attracted him to her i will never no but if Tay likes that thing then i guess i'm ok with it.

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